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Advantages Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy For Vitiligo

Advantages Of Traditional Chinese Medicine TherapyWe all know that vitiligo is a high incidence of skin diseases, many people have been affected and been seeking for help . Vitiligo is genetic, so the disease is likely to be inherited to the next generation. For vitiligo patients they need to learn more about all kinds of knowledge, so that patients can better restore. In fact, now we mostly rely on Western medicine treatment of the disease, but for vitiligo treatment,the traditional chinese medicine treatment has more advantages. Below we understand the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo.

From the clinic, usually after treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment of vitiligo patients, there is much those side effects, and it is not easy to relapse, it overcomed the shortcomings of the traditional treatment of vitiligo.

1, Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo unlike western medicine as a single direction, but the multi link function. Because of a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, action each are not identical, function co-ordination constraints so as to avoid the side effects of unilateral;

2, Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of vitiligo stress syndrome differentiation and regulation of the whole, although vitiligo disease in the epidermis, but the root cause is in the organs.

Vitiligo and whole body function has indivisible relation, it states as a whole, on the local lesion influence greatly, adjusting the general state, is very important for the treatment of local lesions, precisely because of this, traditional Chinese medicine vitiligo treatment , advocates combination of tonification and purgation, both specimens, so as to ensure the efficacy, and can achieve more is not easy to relapse. So, Chinese medicine has an advantage in the treatment of vitiligo There is nothing comparable to this disease.

The overall concept and the syndrome differentiation are two characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, which based on the two basic points should be the treatment of any disease. In recent years, traditional chinese medicine therapy has cured many patients. So many people rarely know about traditional chinese medicine, they are introduced by the patients who have recovered. Over the years, from the follow-up to understand, many of the patients has no recurrence. This shows that Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo is an ideal choice for long-term suffering patients.


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