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Natural Therapies Of Vitiligo

Natural Therapies Of VitiligoNatural vitiligo is a skin condition which characterized by skin pigmentation loss from the skin area. This will lead to irregular patches of skin white.

Natural therapy for vitiligo, the following is some natural therapies, which can help the vitiligo treatment, and may cure vitiligo as well .

1,Betaine hydrochloride

Betaine HCl supplementation has been shown to result in gradual pigment recovery with the skin. This treatment usually requires a year of treatment , it can be taken under the instructions from the best vitiligo doctor.

2,Take B - complex vitamin a day

Many of the healthy people has sufficient vitamins in their body . But vitiligo patients has the lower B vitamins content in their body

3 , intestinal and liver health management

Patients should make their efforts in intestinal and liver health management. Patients should use a number of methods to clean up the intestinal waste and clear liver poison.

4 ,The dead sea water treatment

the dead sea water is rich in salt and minerals, where some of the treatment of institutional support this therapy, also some people said that it is good for their vitiligo.


It is a natural way of trying to restore the body's state of imbalance, and it differs from the usual drug therapy (also called symptomatic therapy) . The advantage of the treatment is to improve the body's own defense capabilities, to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself, rather than suppress symptoms.

6, acupuncture therapy

This is a source of treatment in China, acupuncture can reduce pain, or achieve local anesthesia, which is also considered to affect the body's physiological functions, including the skin and immune system.

7, vitamin therapy

Although this therapy is not confirmed yet, but there are still a lot of people taking vitamin. Some studies have described the role of vitamins in the treatment of vitiligo. Studies show that many people with vitiligo in the body of folic acid, VB12 and VC levels to be lower. So, supplement folic acid can help some people get back to their normal skin color. There are a number of studies recommended oral folic acid , or it can be combined with the sun, 3-6 months after a considerable number of pigment areas are generated.

8 diet and nutrition

A lot of people think nutrition is also closely related to vitiligo. It is believed that lowering the fat in your blood vessels can make your immune system better able to distinguish between good and bad cells. They advocate a vegetarian diet and lose weight.


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