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Natural Therapies For Psoriasis

Natural Therapies For PsoriasisPsoriasis is a very common clinical red patches skin disease . At present, the conventional treatments for psoriasis generally exist in a long treatment course , it has strongside effects, high recurrence rate, therefore, there are various studies of psoriasis .now let me introduce the natural therapies for psoriasis.

With the gradually evolution of medical treatment mode by the traditional mode of biological treatment to modern medicine advocates biological psychological social medical treatment model , more and more clinicians has the deepen understanding to simple biological model to the limitations of the psoriasis treatment , they even think that only use biological method to cure psoriasis is not possible.

Nowday, in Europe and the United States, Australia and other western countries have begun to pop the natural therapies to treat psoriasis without any toxic side effects , its core idea is to improve the patient's own health and quality of life as the goal, paying attention to the etiology therapy and psychological treatment, emphasizing doctors and patients, communication and exchange from patient to patient , make full use of the body's own detoxification function to treat psoriasis. Since Western natural therapy is used in clinical. Although it has made some achievements, but there is a long course of treatment (usually 3-5 years), slow effect, the high cost of treatment, poor patient compliance and so on many problems, it is difficult to in clinical application.

However, On the base of inheriting the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), drawing on the successful experience of modern western natural medicine therapy in the treatment of psoriasis, to Chinese Classical Taoist school's "harmony between man and nature, imitation of nature" philosophy as a guide, the creation of a natural immune therapy of psoriasis. Natural immunotherapy takes the cause of psoriasis treatment, to improve the overall health and quality of life of patients as the starting point and ultimate goal. By guiding the patients to choose a healthy lifestyle, to stimulate the patient's own recovery potential, enhance the body's immune function, clear body endotoxin and other comprehensive treatment in order to achieve the purpose of the psoriasis treatment .

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