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How To Reduce The Recurrence Probability Of Vitiligo

How To Reduce The Recurrence Probability Of VitiligoAs we all known that the consolidation is necessary after Vitiligo treatment, if the patient does not pay attention to the consolidation, it is possible to cause the vitiligo recurrence, therefore, it is very important to consolidate the effect of vitiligo treatment, patients should try to avoid from the recurrence of vitiligo. Patients should do the following suggestions in order to avoid the recurrence of vitiligo : try to reduce the intake of vitamin C; try to avoid surgery and trauma; and also try to reduce the psychological pressure, always keep optimistic attitudeo, patients should pay attention to the timely self-regulation once they have the bad mood or emotions; it is suggested to do some regular exercises to enhance the physical fitness, and try to improve the body immunity; quit smoking and alcohol; try to keep a reasonable diet, do not have partial eclipse, anorexia habits in order to develop a good eating habits. Always pay attention to the consolidation after treatment, it can reduce the recurrence probability of vitiligo .

There are few people who are facing recurrence situation after Vitiligo treatment, but a relapse should also need some inducements, the clinical observation showed that some vitiligo patients will face the recurrence after they get treatment, the recurrence rate is 20% - 30%, the recurrence factors are as following:

1, mostly occurs among the female who has given birth to a baby and feeding of a child.

2, mostly occurs after trauma or surgery.

3, mostly occurs among in a variety of infectious disease.

4, mostly occurs within long-term instable emotional , mental depression

5, it occurs with a heavy drinking, eat fish, mutton etc.

6,no any consolidation therapy after treatment.

We know that the incidence of vitiligo has close connections with nerve and mental factors, autoimmune factors, and these factors can make the body's immune function decline, and also coupled with the mental factors which can cause the recurrence of vitiligo. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should do some consolidations after treatment, and then avoid the occurrence of the above factors, the recurrence rate will be greatly reduced. All in all, vitiligo patients should not be pessimistic or disappointed, after all, it is not terminally disease, it can be cured entirely . We must correct our attitude, establish sufficient confidence, try to avoid those predisposing factors,which can greatly contribute to the recovery speed and effect, eventualy reduce the probability of recurrence.

Here are some nice suggestions about consolidations of vitiligo

First, patients need to consolidate the treatment: vitiligo patients should continue to consolidation measures after the treatment .

secondly: vitiligo patients should try to avoid trauma, cuz trauma can induce the recurrence of vitiligo.

Thirdly: the daily diet should be paied special attention and food taboos, also cultivate a good habit of work and rest.

Four is: when patients face up with unexpected things, they should to calm down and dont be emotional in order to induce the recurrence of vitiligo.

In adition, in order to reduce the recurrence possibility of vitiligo, patients should pay attention to their habits and eating habits. Usually vitiligo patients should carry out some sports or participate in some beneficial physical and mental activities .it will greatly help to improve their own immunity and disease resistance, it is also a great advantage for patients physical and mental development . At the same time, vitiligo patients should pay attention to avoiding from the emergence of trauma, if there is a trauma, it should be timely cured. Meanwhile vitiligo patients should tryto avoid from some chemicals contact . To ensure intake of balanced nutrition and trace elements, in their daily life, they should avoide ot eat less spicy stimulation foods, volatiles, thermal, aquatic products seafood and other foods, and they should wear soft loose clothes, man should abstain from alcohol and tobacco, which can effectively avoid the recurrence possibility of vitiligo.


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