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Comprehensive Therapy Of Vitiligo

Comprehensive Therapy Of VitiligoWhen it comes to the comprehensive therapy of vitiligo, it is truly based on the combination of Chinese and Western treatment, vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, which highly requires a combination of Chinese and Western treatment, such as drug therapy, herbal fumigation, permeability, phototherapy (UV, 308 nm excimer laser, narrow spectrum ultraviolet), skin replanting technology combined treatment, they treatments can achieve a good results, and has function of anti relapse.

Vitiligo is a skin disease which depigmentation of melanocytes got idiopathic damage. The etiology of the disease is complex, clinical manifestations are various size, shape of the milky white patches, which mostly occurs in the face, neck, back, forearm and waist and abdomen. According to the characteristics of the incidence of vitiligo, the disease period is divided into two types: the progress and stability type. The progress type of white spots expand enlargely and get integration, the edge is more clear. In the stable stage, the lesions are not enlarged, the surrounding pigment is increased, and the boundary was obvious. The five type are mainly refers to dividing vitiligo into five different types: ordinary type, acral, segmental type, hair follicle type and localized type, different types fo vitiligo requires to different therapies. Quadruple treatment refers to drug therapy, diet therapy, laser therapy, psychotherapy, four kinds of therapy integrate together; diet therapy, which needs to set up the matching catering opinions, make the dominant treatment to get twice result with half the effort; laser therapy, applying the 308 excimer laser treatment system fundamentally solve the problem of destruction of melanocytes; mental therapy, for patients to get rid of psychological pressure, remove psychological burden, let the treatment goes more smoothly way. Each patient's specific situation is different, according to the patient's condition and set up the treatment plan according to the skin lesion level and the body . So it is recommended that patients shoulf get themself into a professional vitiligo hospital as soon as possible.

However,For the vitiligo treatment , apart from the basis of drug treatment, strengthening the comprehensive psychological treatment is also very important. First of all, we should eliminate all kinds of bad factors, improve the mental state and the bad life, work environment, maintain a good psychological, enhance our immune function, get the early prevention and early treatment.Treatment should mainly target on how to identify the real cause of the disease, and for different causes of symptomatic treatment, such as the microcirculation disorder, should also strengthen physical exercise, promote blood circulation, and can be also used to remove blood stasis with Chinese medicine treatment. There are various drugs which can enhance the immune function, but each of the medicine have its own indications, patient selection may be appropriate under their own skin condition. For the face and neck white ,patients should try to avoid the use of whitening cosmetics, avoid taking vitamin C drugs. Eat less tomatoes, etc.. If patients found the early signs of lesions, they should be treated early, after a short period of regular treatment, the skin can generally able to return to the normal skin.

It is highly recommended that patients should go to the professional vitiligo hospital for treatment, the vitiligo experts will give patients a comprehensive scientific diagnosis and identify predisposing factors. Set up personalized treatment plans accroding to patients situations.


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