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Phototherapy Of Vitiligo

Phototherapy Of VitiligoFor the itiligo treatment, apart from the basis of drug treatment, it is alos necessart to strength the comprehensive psychological treatment . Treatment should be to identify the real cause of the disease, and target different causes of symptomatic treatment, such as the microcirculation disorder, patients should strengthen their physical exercise, and also promote blood circulation, and can also apply Promoting blood circulation to remove blood and enhance the body immune function, but there will be some medicine for each of the indications, patient should select appropriately under their own condition. For the face and neck white patches,they should try to avoid taking vitamin C drugs.

Light therapy mainly including visible light, ultraviolet therapy, infrared therapy and photodynamic therapy as a kind of effective method for the treatment of ultraviolet radiation and photochemical therapy has been widely used in the treatment of vitiligo and achieved good effect。

However, The formation of pigment in the epidermis black pigment cells under the effect of PUVA can be occurred in any of the following changes: increasing the number of functional melanocytes; melanocyte melanosomes increased significantly; tyrosinase activity increased melanin protein synthesis exuberant; melanosome transfer acceleration distribution also by the aggregation variable is scattered in the PUVA stimulation can make residual lesions of vitiligo within the hair follicle melanin cell hyperplasia and hypertrophy lesions appear pigment regeneration.

In addition, the Excimer laser treatment of skin disease is very safe without any adverse reaction reports no carcinogenic risk, its square spot can avoid side reactions possible damage to normal skin to reduce laser irradiation of normal tissue. For vitiligo patients ,it almost has no side reactions occasionally due to improve the energy leads to slight blister excimer laser can be safe for the baby to people of all ages in the elderly

12 times as a treatment course two times a week.

Narrow wave UVB laser phototherapy instrument can be used for treatment of vitiligo PUVA- using a photosensitizer psoralen) could promote the generation of pigment taking psoralen (skin to light very sensitive and special ultraviolet UVA irradiated skin this method need special equipment。


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