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Psychopathy Of Vitiligo

Psychopathy Of VitiligoAs we all known a fact that Nerve and mental factors can affect the occurrence of vitiligo, and conversely, and the mental and psychological aspects of vitiligo patients can be changed becasue of the nerve and mental factors, and mental abnormalities may lead to further increase of vitiligo. In fact, vitiligo generally can not bring the physical pain to the patient, but also have no life threathen risk, the patient's injury is mainly due to the impact of the serious psychological problems and social pressure.

Clinically, vitiligo patients are moke likely to performance as the psychological aspects disorder. First of all, patients with vitiligo have a clear fear of psychological. When they found the white patched , the patient will be cranky, and often fictitious that the disease can be transmitted to the body or infect others, or worried about the impact of work and marriage as well, they also worried about the inheritance to future generations, it is badly lead to the long-term worries, patients are sleepless at night, and have strong extremely spirit tension. On the other hand, the patient also showed a clear sense of inferiority. Which mainly refers to unwilling to participate in social and collective activities, fear of being discriminated, alienated and rejected; they often will feel shy, afraid of being talked about by friends and others. Even some of the patients feel despair during the treatment period and and disappointed with poor efficacy.

In addition, there are couple of vitiligo scholars have analysised that patients with vitiligo have the instability emotion, anxiety, tension, irritability, depression and other reactions, the stimulation is easy to produce a strong emotional response; patients have undergoed the excessive mental stimulation before the onset of vitiligo, these stimulations induce or exacerbate the disease development. Therefore, vitiligo experts believe that vitiligo might be a psychosomatic disease. There are also some vitiligo experts who have investigated and analyzed the quality of life of vitiligo patients . The results also show that vitiligo patients have the mental disorders, irritability, shyness or embarrassment, worry, depression, lose confidence, uneasy, nervous, feel shameful, want to be alone, etc., but the psychological barriers have few connections with the skin lesions .


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