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Targeted Treatment Of Vitiligo

Targeted Treatment Of VitiligoIn clinical practice, the specific symptoms of vitiligo is various, different symptoms represent different types, according to found by clinical staff research, the real causes of vitiligo etiology is many and much complex, and with mutual influence, So, the treatment of is relatively very important.

According to different types of leukoplakia should be carried out the different treatments, it can improve the effect of the vitiligo treatment , so for majority of vitiligo patients, it is necessary to know some common types of vitiligo.such as: acral type: primary in the extremities, easy to facial diffusion, forming face of acral; segmental type: skin white spots along a nerve segment dominated distribution; generalized type: white spots and more symmetrical distribution; localized type: white patches confined to some centain parts .

Through clinical research, it is found that vitiligo is likely to be induced due to patients own immunity, endocrine disorders, mental factors, exogenous stimulation damage and some other factors, which directly resulting in lesional skin melanoma cell damage, cell number decreased or disappeared and caused depigmentation, skin appears white patches. Thus, the treatment of vitiligo must abide by the targeted therapy, it can improve the therapeutic effect, rather than just blindly choose all knds of treatment .

Experts has pointed out that, vitiligo is dividing into the types, etiology, , stages, treatment for each treatment in patients with vitiligo is a responsible attitude, in the treatment needs to mainly target on patients onw stituations and it should differs from person to person according to the vitiligo etiology and pathology of signs and symptoms. Meanwhile it should also combine with traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern western theory as well, two treatments integrated at the same time in vitiligo treatment , so it is not a single treatment.


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