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The Treatment Of The Acral Type Of Vitiligo

The Treatment Of The Acral Type Of VitiligoVitiligo is a common multiple pigmented skin diseases. It Is a kind of skin depigmentation disorder which access the limitations or generalized type of vitiligo , it can strongly affect the beauty of the common skin diseases, and its easy to diagnosis, but difficult to treat.

The treatment of the acral type of vitiligo should also get the different treatment accordance with the different stages of disease , it should not be indiscriminately. The treatment period should mainly traget in the internal factors , and adjust the body's immune function, neuroendocrine function, if patients have other diseases , such as thyroid disease, diabetes, liver disease, should be also be treated at the same time. patients within a early period of vitiligo must explosure under the strong sunlight in order not to aggravate the load of melanocytes, increase the toxic products of melanin metabolism, aggravate the destruction of melanocytes. At the same time, it can also not be coated with a strong role in the stimulant medication in order to avoid local irritation and damage melanocytes, increase the immune disorder, and cause leukoplakia expanding and diffusion. The most important point during vitiligo treatment is that patients should actively cooperate with medical treatment, in the treatment process they should pay attention to: one therapy must be adhereed for a long time, avoid quitting during the treatment period,patients should insist on a long period of treatment, they should also confirm whether the treatment is invalid, they can only replacement therapy under confirm its not valid; and patients should not put too much expectations to the treatment , after a period of treatment, the original white spot will stop expanding, and there is no any new leukoplakia, it is effective, if the narrowing or disappearance is markedly, patients still need to adhere to treatment, in order to consolidate the best curative effect; apart from product treatment, patients should also eat some walnuts, black sesame, mushrooms, black rice is rich in melanin, in order to facilitate the melanin formation.

The importance of symptomatic therapy: setting up individualized treatment plan according to the individual differences of patients , and also avoid invalid drug produce drug resistance and delay the treatment.


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