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How Does TCM Treats Vitiligo

How Does TCM Treats VitiligoIn terms of the Vitiligo TCM treatment, the genetic factor is a very serious problem, it is a skin disease. And Vitiligo is genetic, which is what we have recognized, how is the possibility of the vitiligo genetic ? This is also one of the most concerned question which many vitiligo patients and their families cares, vitiligo hospital experts remind patients, must choose suitable time to pregnancy apart from actively receive professional treatment , thereby reducing the probability of vitiligo genetic. So, how can we prevent vitiligo this stubborn skin disease from its genetic factor?

However, there are many vitiligo exeprts who have rich clinical experience ,vitiligo experts said that more and more people are suffering from vitiligo, the pain is unbearable, its existence has brought a serious impact on people's image of itself, there are a lot of suitable young men and women in the marriage are also worried, afraid to get married and have children, and they always afraid that vitiligo will be transmitted to their next generation, can vitiligo be passed on to the next generation? Strengthening the vitiligo care will be a great help to its treatment and prevention. In addition, good living habits also play an auxiliary role in the treatment of vitiligo.

What are the causes of vitiligo? From a genetic point of view, genetic is only a factor in the pathogenesis of vitiligo, in addition, environmental factors also have an important role, generally, it would be happen only under the genetic factors and environmental factors are available at the same time. Therefore, even if there are genetic factors already, as long as the prevent from the environmental factors, it may not be possible to induce vitiligo, and the genetic factors and environmental factors are different from person to person. According to reports: the incidence rate of vitiligo patients who transfer to their family members is very small. So, in general, the chance of vitiligo genetic to the next generation is not much when it compared with other genetic diseases


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