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How To Prevent Segmental Vitiligo

How To Prevent Segmental Vitiligo As we all known that segmental vitiligo is a common type of vitiligo, it is a skin disease which mainly acquired pigment depigmentation, there is no any certain lesions size does for it, inducing factors are relatively complex, thus it requires patients should do some certain prevention and health care work i their daily life in order to reduce the recurrence of vitiligo . So, the question is how to prevent segmental vitiligo?

Firstly, vitiligo Patients should stay far away from toxic and harmful substances. Segmental vitiligo prevention should governance with environmental factor and reduce water pollution, which requires patients should avoid exposure to certain pathogenic phenolic chemicals, such as antioxidants light quinone derivatives as raw materials of rubber protective gloves, some sandals which made of synthetic rubber, as to the occupational contact such as butyl phenol, hydroquinone and hydroquinone single benzene ether, beta hydrochloric acid and sulfur ethylamine chemicals people are more likely to produce the possibility of occupational leukoplakia. Especially for those who work in the chemical industry .

In addition, Vitamin C is commonly used in the treatment of a variety of diseases, but it is not only useless but harmful for vitiligo patients to take vitamin C . Seco0ndly, Segmental vitiligo prevention should avoid taking vitamin C. Vitamin C is commonly used in the treatment of many diseases, because vitamin C can make formated DOPA quinone immediately restore to dopa, thus interrupting the melanin biosynthesis. Menawhile vitamin C can also affect the intestinal absorption of copper ions, reduce blood serum copper oxidase activity, and affect the activity of tyrosinase. Vitiligo Patients should pay attention to their daily diet.

Whatsmore, vitiligo patients should actively prevent and treat vitiligo in order to avoid aggravating the current condition. Theirdly , Segmental vitiligo prevention should maintain a good health. Mentality can deal with the emergencies, illness caused by the depression factor has the side effect to health and black pigment metabolism as well . Thus patients should maintain an optimistic mood, do not have too much trouble and worries.

To sum up, Vitiligo patients need to avoid from sun exposure. Summer sunlight has intensity radiation, which is easy cause skin inflammation after exposure , especially the head and face and other exposed parts often leads to melanocytes damage and lose its ability to produce melanin. Vitiligo patients should take the initiative to moderate with the sun, the time should adjusted with seasons . Play the role of long wave ultraviolet treatment. Vitiligo prevention should start from the details of life, the incidence of vitiligo is generally caused by the details of life.


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