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Personalized Treatment Of Vitiligo

Personalized Treatment Of VitiligoIf the sophisticated equipment inspection is an accurate diagnosis of "piercing eyes", then the expert evidence-based is an accurate diagnosis of "investigation pioneer" it is the first hurdle of guaranteeing treatment effect . Experts detect date through instrument , and with accurate analysis of patient's condition, and also through their professional evidence-based, such as the patient's occupation, living environment and conditions, medical history, (including family history) etc. A series of painstaking investigation in order to make a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis, provide a reliable basis for vitiligo treatment. Which highly requires the the degree of expert experience, Beijing Meidi TCM skin disease hospital inspection center experts have more than 30 years of leukoplakia inspection experiences, provide the most appropriate treatment according to different patients , and ensure the treatment of leukoplakia patients avoid to detours.

Accurate detection combined with targeted treatment can quickly make patients get recovered. Beijing Meidi TCM skin disease hospital original creation “SOD blood 6+1 dispel leukoplakia technology “starting from the root of blood SOD, treatment differ from individual to individual, and apply the individualized treatment, which can rapidly activation of SOD (superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity factor, and fast and efficient scavenging superoxide radical anion, the reconstruction of damaged immune system and repair process variable chain gene, rebuild melanin cell antibody, increase the activity of tyrosinase, and the normal absorption of the trace elements copper and zinc ion , metabolic function of the skin get back to normal, with clear skin texture, pilosebaceous orifice opened, the leukoplakia disappeared, skin restore the normal color, fundamentally prevent the recurrence of vitiligo, dispel leukoplakia more thoroughly.


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