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The Thorough Chinese Medicine Bath Equipment To Treat Vitiligo

The Thorough Chinese Medicine Bath Equipment To Treat Vitiligo,vitiligoMedicated bath treatment for skin condition is one of traditional Chinese external treatment. The water filled in a container, let some parts or your whole-body soak in the water , which can use the water temperature to promote your skin, the meridians, and acupuncture points to absorb drugs then to achieve the purpose of treatment and health care. It is different from the normal baths, spa baths and so on. It is in accordance with the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation, depends on the different condition, using different drugs to treat.

The drugs without trough gastrointestinal absorption, directly functions on the skin through the heat and drugs, increasing the effect of drugs on localized areas. So it directly targets at the cause and attack parts. At the same time it increase the skin temperature, increase local oxygen support and promote blood circulation and , improve microcirculation,and maintain normal skin’s metabolism. So it has the advantage of fast-acting, without side effects, etc. Therefore it is called as the green therapy, and this kind of skin treatment gets administration from more and more patients of all ages.

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