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How To Diagnosis Vitiligo Correctly

How To Diagnosis Vitiligo CorrectlyAs we all known that there are a variety of skin symptoms which similiar to vitiligo symptom, so the diagnosis of vitiligo have to inevitablely identify with these diseases, so the correct diagnosis of vitiligo first should be differentiated with tinea versicolor, peach ringworm and anemia mole ect. Tinea versicolor mostly occurs in the chest and back, neck and extremities proximal, with large quantities , and it often attaches with small scales of the bran like micro shiny on its skin face, fungal microscopic test presents positive. Meanwhile, Peach ringworm is more common among childrens and adolescents, the rash usually occurs on the face, with different size of the round or oval rash, and its presents like pale white, the realm of the skin isrecognizable and its not so obvious, there is no any pigmentation belt around the edge of the skin, there are couple of small gray chaff like scales on its face. Anemia mole is pale white, it mostly occurs on the chest, back and face, leukoplakia pale color doesn’t change when rubbing or tapping the surface of the skin.

In addition, patients themselves should also try to figure out some basic knowledge of vitiligo, patients should figure out the correct diagnosis way of vitiligo. The duration of the vitiligo is changable , the shortest course last for 7 days, the longest last 50 years. It can be slow progress or long-term stable and stable in whole life.

Onset season: the four seasons can be onset, but it mostly occurs in spring and summer. Early vitiligo and other skin diseases are different.

To sum up, after figure out the correct diagnosis of vitiligo methods, we have bascially knew that the skin appears white spots or skin color becomes pale and other symptoms may not necessarily be suffering from vitiligo, because there are couple of other diseases will be the similiar type of vitiligo symptoms. So , the diagnosis of vitiligo is not just as what you can see through the physical symptoms, but also to identify with these diseases, in addition, patients should know some basic pathological knowledge of vitiligo , which is also a helpful reference for vitiligo diagnosis.


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