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The Blood Test For Vitiligo Patients

The Blood Test For Vitiligo Patients,VitiligoThe occurence of vitiligo usually has a close relation with human immune systerm. Therefore the blood of patients shows a relative higher positive-rate of self-antibody, especially the antithyroid antibodies, APCA, antinuclear antibodies. The peripheral blood T cells, helper T cells are obviously decreased in examination. The vitiligo patients usually company with a innormal hemorheology index such as whole blood reduced concentration, plasma concentration ratio,whole blood concentration and blood cells backlog. The increased of blood viscosity is not conducive to the blood flow, so the viiligo patients may occur the condition of microcirculation.

The blood SOD function lose or lack, causing the disorder of the immune system, the immune system disorder, trance elements loss such as copper and zinc ion, the obstruction of melanin secretion, melanin cells’ apoptosis, melanin cells antibodies increases, so there are the signals that the SOD decrease in test.

So it is necessary to do the relative blood tests for the vitiligo patients before the diagnosis or in the process of treatments. Then we can find the disorder and figure out the causes of the diasease, increasing the cure rate which is greatly significant for the recovery of vitiligo patients.

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