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How Does Vitiligo Gravida Do Health Protection


 vitiligo Gravida, Health ProtectionPregnant women, the body will endure a series of physiological functions of the adjustment, This physiological changes directly affect the nutritional needs of the mother, and indirectly affect the normal development of the fetus. Therefore, the nutritional status of pregnant women is very important for the health of the mother and the normal development of the fetus. The various vitamins and trace elements relatively reduced because of the differences in the body's immune, endocrine, metabolism, and nerve of Vitiligo patients,and it caused the increasing of psychological burden, the decreasing of sleep and the increasing of body consumption due to psychentonia and ect, however, the Period of pregnancy is exactly just a moment which Organism needs increasing demands with these Nutrient substance. So, The Vitiligo patients whos in period of pregnancy need a rational diet, increase the food intake, to avoid too many taboos and suppliment amount of vitamins and trace elements like Vitamin B, vitamin AD, folic acid, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, etc. under the guidance of a doctor. Except keep a rational diet and Strengthen nutrition, Anticancer drugs, immunosuppressants, antibiotics and phototherapy are totally forbidden for The Vitiligo patients whos in period of pregnancy and Glucocorticoid hormone drugs and Big stimulation external drugs are avoided.


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