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How Vitiligo Patients Should Control Their Negative Emotions?


Vitiligo,How To Control Negative EmotionsVitiligo mostly appears in the exposed site especially white spot on face or in the head, It seriously impact on people's appearance, There is no conscious uncomfort, but it deadly impact on patients psychology, we can adjust the negative emotions which Vitiligo brings like this :1 Consciousness adjustment: Human consciousness can regulate the occurrence and strength of emotion, Generally speaking, if Vitiligo patients can clearly aware of root which cause Mood swings , it can more effectively regulate their emotions. 2 language adjustment : Language is a powerful tool for the emotional experience and performance of human beings.we can cause or inhibit emotional reaction Through the language, Vitiligo is not an incurable disease, it can be cured, Many patients can be completely cured, Most patients also have different degrees of improvement , only few patients in the treatment effect is poor 3 distract attention: distract attention away from negative emotions to other aspects. Coordination of work , humor language, and the harmonious environment with colleagues, it has great meaning with treatment and stop Pathological changes. 4 self-control : Carry out Taijiquan activities, control emotions with self- regulation, use Psychological process to affect the physiological process.


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