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How Can Psoriasis Affect Your Nails

How Can Psoriasis Affect Your NailsAs we all known that Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease which characterized by abnormal skin patches. These skin patches are usually shows red, itchy, and scaly. They may small and localized with either small red patches or cover the entire body .

Patients with psoriasis can affects the skin and can affect internal organs as well. It often occurs problems with patients nails. Psoriatic nails look like fungal infections, so the doctor often will take a biopsy in order to confirm. Meanwhile, psoriatic nails looks like more fragile and it touchs softer than those without fungal infections, psoriasis is misdiagnosed as fungus one-third of the time - another reason to get a second opinion on everything. Sometimes the nail has to be removed, but doctors will also try light therapy, or topical, oral, and even injected steroids. Meanwhile,the new drugs may help both nail and skin problems from psoriasis.

Nail psoriasis ranges can spread widely and, meanwhile it can cause couple of color changes to your nails. Pitting of the nails is common, as is a yellowish-pink cast to the nails, and reddening of the skin around the nail. White areas sometimes appear under the nail when the air get through between the nail and the tissue beneath the nail. In some serious cases, the nails may crumble in patches or fall off completely. In adition , the nail psoriasis looks much like other nail infections, particularly a fungal nail infection.

To sum up , patients should pay much attention on the psoriasis, dont let the psoriasis affect the nails and other internal organs. For more informations about nails psoriasis, please contact the following email:


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