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How To Disguise The Vitiligo

 How To Disguise The VitiligoVitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigment. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function. Aside from cases of contact with certain chemicals, the cause of vitiligo is unknown. Research suggests vitiligo may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, neural, or viral causes。

The first place we begin to discover vitiligo in most people is around the eyes and the mouth, and then on areas of high friction, like the hands or even the elbows. Doctors have figured out the underlying cause, it's not a mystery. There is no cure for vitiligo currently, but there are ways to control and impeove it. There are couple of medications that you can apply on and try to cover it.

There are couple of treatments that we try as dermatologists to help with it. Sometimes we use a product , which can be either by oral or topical.

When it comes to the way of disguising vitiligo. Patient should apply some relatice skin creams, patients should let the cream incubate for a little while, and then go under ultraviolet light in a light box, can stimulate those pigment forming cells to come back to life and prevent the immune system in the skin in those areas to try to bing back the pigment. But its not always works ,Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

When the vitiligo is spreading enough , it will covers most part of the body , and it's very patchy, if there is a big contrast in skin color, we can use a topical cream to try to eliminate all the pigment forming cells.

So sometimes we try to bring the pigment back and sometimes we try to take it all away. But at the sametime, patient should try to cover it in order to get a good appearence.


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