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The traditional chinese medicine therapy for vitiligo

The traditional chinese medicine therapy

Abstract :in a long time vitiligo is a very common destory skin disease for our patient ,if we can not treat it in time or malpractice it will spread all over the body .vitiligo is a kind of skin disease which is easy to diagnosis ,hard to cure .so it has diversify method in the clinical therapy .for traditional chinese medicine , western medicine has not find the essentially reason ,it still has a lot of theories ,so that is why most of the patient can feel the extensive and profound from traditional medicine can not get the effect from the western treatment .cause we traditional medicine scientific has a thousand period history for the vitiligo ,including the concept of therapy with syndrome differentiation,the treatment of the internal adjustment ,natural and safety traditional chinese medical materials is a new breakthrough for the treatment of vitiligo ,it has unexpected effect ,so we start to pay attention to the traditional chinese materials for the vitiligo treatment development

 The generality of vitiligo

Vitiligo is a kind of skin disease cause of pigment melanocyte decrease which is easy to diagnosis hard to cure

According to the traditional chinese documentary similar with vitiligo 。Sui tang dynasty doctor cao yuanfang recorded according to :the vitiligo patient , face and neck body skin turns into white ,not only the color of vitiligo is different from natural color ,but also there is no itch or pain , thus vitiligo. Other medical books called recorded :the symptom of this illness start with face and neck ,then the skin color turns into white suddenly ,the shape same like spot ,and there is no itch and pain . If never pay attention to ,it will spread all over the body

Etiology and pathology for the vitiligo

Liver and qi depression

All the emotional stimulating ,stagnation of liver and qi ,stagnation of qi anti-body ,repeat the ailment due to cold or exposure ,start with the skin ,disorder for the qi and blood ,then becomes into vitiligo

Deficiency of liver and kidney

The natural endowment shortage , or depletion in the life ,cause the deficiency of liver and kidney ,asthenia of essence and blood ,there is no source of blood ,weakness for the qi and blood ,so the skin disappear the natural color ,cause the white spot .

Qi-stagnation and blood stasis

Trauma and falling down ,fury damage the liver ,all the reason for the qi stagnation and blood stasis ,block the meridian .without the enough nutrition for the skin then turns into white spot

In a word ,the deficiency of liver and kidney ,disorder of qi body ,

The clinical feature of vitiligo

Usually vitiligo happens in the living life ,start with any age ,often happens on adults ,but some news reported before some new three-days baby had this before ,but the statistical shows us more than half of the patient start before the age 20 ,skin lesion is attrition totally on the pigment , skin appear milk white ,the hair color also turn into white,it is non-consciousness symptom

The clinical feature can divide into development period and stable period .the development white spot already closed to normally color ,sometimes mechanical stimulation such as press ,friction .other situation such as after the burnt ,trauma cause the vitiligo .(vitiligo kobner test ).stable phase the skin lesion stop develop ,turns into clear pigment discoloration .the damage to the edge of the pigment increase .

White spot have different sizes ,different form ,it happens to any part of the body ,but usually shows up on back ,wrist ,forearm ,face ,neck,around the genitals and surrounding .some people noticed that :vitiligo usually happens on exposure and wrinkle part of the body that normally people have the more pigment part. But some people find it :there are some patient recover the pigment after the exposure under the sun ,until the winter time disappear


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