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Systemic Treatments For Vitiligo Patients

systemic treatments for vitiligoVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it influence the people’s appearance and also will brought much inconvenience to their life and work. So many patients receive the treatment for a long term but could not receive good treatment effects and also with much mental pressures. Part of the vitiligo patients suffered from all kinds of worries and pains in all day. So what worry the patients most is the treatment problem. Whether vitiligo can be cured? Which kind of treatment is good for vitiligo patients? How to choose a proper therapies for vitiligo patients? Is there any medicine can treat vitiligo from the cause? How long it need to take for them to get treatment effects? How long it need to take to cure their vitiligo? In the following part, I will answer these questions for you.

1. Whether vitiligo can be cured?

The vitiligo at present reach which kind of treatment standard? Whether their vitiligo can be cured? There are two wrong opinions about the vitiligo treatment. The one is exaggerate the treatment effects of vitiligo, that is to say any vitiligo can be cured whether it is light one or serious one. This wrong opinion often lead to blindly take medicines and lead the patients get the bad treatment effects and even induce their vitiligo expand which finally delayed their vitiligo condition. The other one is with negative opinions to the treatment effects. Some medical workers with negative attitude to their vitiligo treatment, they holds that the vitiligo is incurable skin disease, this opinion cause certain mental burdens to the vitiligo patients, especially the teenagers and their parents all suffered from huge mental pressures. For some stubborn diseases treatment, the modern medicine only adopt the therapy of treat the disease according to the symptoms, the western medicine treat vitiligo can not get very good treatment effects at present, some hospitals in Europe and America refuse to treat this disease. The medical workers in our country bring the superiority of the Chinese medicine into full play, they adopt the Chinese medicine combine the western medicine to treat vitiligo, after many years research, they made a breakthrough in vitiligo treatment, make the vitiligo cure rate in the early stage reach to 95%, the vitiligo in middle stage above 50%, the late stage above 30%, make the vitiligo treatment standard in China in the leading position in the world.

But at present, any treatment can not reach to the 100% cure rate. 100% cure rate of vitiligo this saying itself lack of scientific. So the vitiligo treatment still difficult at present. The vitiligo treatment process need to adopt the treatment plan according to their vitiligo changes, only in this way, can their vitiligo get better treatment effects.

Moreover, the doctor’s responsibility and patient’s closely cooperation also the important factors can influence the treatment effects of vitiligo. So the vitiligo treatment process is a comprehensive process, there are no specific medicine can cure vitiligo at present. So vitiligo patients need to have a full understanding of the treatment difficulty of this disease and also need to have enough confidence in this disease treatment process, they had better keep a stable mental state, avoid anxious, blindly take medicines, consult in many ways, compare with more treatments, choose the optimum treatment according to their individual difference and their vitiligo conditions. If their vitiligo treatment get initial treatment effects in their first time treatment, it layed a solid foundation for their further treatment, especially for the vitiligo patients in the early stage, their vitiligo can be cured if they receive the treatment properly in the early stage.

There are many vitiligo patients wonders whether their vitiligo will come back after recovered. According to our clinical observation, the vitiligo recurrence rate is only 0.5%.

There are several regular therapies for vitiligo at present.

1. Ultraviolet ray contains sunlight irradiation therapy.

The ultraviolet ray in the outside of the purple light in the spectrum. There are a lot of ultraviolet ray contains in the sunlight. The ultraviolet ray irradiation can increase the pigment cell photosensitization and promote the pigment cell produce more melanin theoretically. This is a traditional treatment for vitiligo. At present, there are still some data introduce the usage of this treatment. According to our clinical observation, this treatment have no therapeutic effects to vitiligo. There are two reasons for that, one is too much ultraviolet ray might damage their health. The other one is our resistance ability to the ultraviolet ray decreased after got vitiligo. So we holds that the vitiligo patients had better decrease or avoid over exposure to the ultraviolet ray. Our body will receive certain amount of ultraviolet ray irradiation every day, it have no damage to the normal skin tissue, that’s because our surface skin with complete protect mechanism, among these, the pigment cell secrete the melanin to resist the ultraviolet ray irradiation, it can protect our body from the damage, it’s also the very important self protect function. When the sunlight time increase, the sunlight dosage increase, the pigment cells or compensatory physiological response will increase the pigment production amount according to the sunlight irradiation time and the strength of the sunlight, the skin color will deepen obviously to resist or decrease the irradiation of the ultraviolet ray irradiate the surface skin and protect our body from damage. The body of vitiligo patients is totally different from the normal body, there are some pigment cells in the surface skin suffered from damage in different degrees, it’s function will decrease or even totally lost, it’s protect function was also destroyed, the ultraviolet ray irradiation therapy increase the light irradiation dosage other than decrease the dosage absolutely will increase the workload to the pigment cells and will worse their pigment cells damage and also might cause great damage to other tissue cells. There are some symptoms of part of the skin become red, blister after suffered from the irradiation of the ultraviolet ray, that is the presentation of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue damaged seriously. Sometimes, in clinic, we can see the skin color around the vitiligo sites deepen after increase the sunlight irradiation or there have a little pigment island in the center of their vitiligo. That because part of the pigment cells have certain compensatory function or present transient compensatory response. But with the light irradiation time increase and the dosage increase, the pigment cells damage aggravated, they will lost the function to produce the melanin, the melanin in the center or around the vitiligo will gradually decrease, their vitiligo area will expand and the white degree will deepen and even will induce their vitiligo expand quickly. Some people holds that the pigment decrease and the white spots reveal is the good symptoms of their vitiligo improve. But we holds that if there pigment decrease, their skin lesion area enlarged, that means their pigment cell loss increase, the pigment production amount also will decrease, it’s the presentation of the their vitiligo worsen. Except for that, the vitiligo treatment is a long period process, long term ultraviolet ray irradiation might induce the cell aberration and cause the tumor. So the ultraviolet ray is not suitable for vitiligo treatment.

2. Immunomodulation therapy.

According to the medical researches and clinical observation, the vitiligo onset and expand all related with the immune function disorder, but it doesn’t indicates the obvious treatment effects of the immunomodulation treatment. The immune function disorder is a very complex physiological and pathological process, the immune deficiency, low immune function, the immune response too strong all might induce this kind of disease onset. Which kind of immune factor related with this disease still remain unclear. But the common immunomodulation medicines at present often used to treat the infectious disease caused by the low immunity and with obvious treatment effects. These medicines used to treat vitiligo still in the research and observation period. The orally intake steroid hormone although with certain therapeutic effects, but long term use these medicine have quite big side effects, after stop using this kind of medicine, their vitiligo easy to come back and will accelerate their vitiligo development. Generally this kind of medicine not treated as the regular therapy for vitiligo.

3. Supply the trace elements.

There are some researchers holds that the lack of trace elements or disproportion of trace elements is the cause of this disease. Our physiological activities in our body need many trace elements participation, which kind of trace elements lack or which trace elements disproportion all related with this disease, the causes of vitiligo still remain unclear. So the trace elements supply treatment still have no exact theoretical basis. The copper, zinc and other elements supply have no obvious treatment effects for vitiligo. But according to our clinical observation, the children with diet bias with higher vitiligo onset rate and compare with other children vitiligo patients, their treatment effects is poorer than other vitiligo children. After correct their diet bias habits, their vitiligo treatment effects will improved greatly. That means the vitiligo related with the nutrition shortage includes the trace elements in our body.

4. Psoralen and fructus Posraleae to treat vitiligo.

The psoralen injection extracted from the psoralen a Chinese patent medicine, it’s for intramuscular injection, the cure rate of the psoralen for the vitiligo in early stage is about 1 to 2%, it’s effective rate is above 30%. The fructus posraleae is made by soaked in the alcohol. It have certain treatment effects used to apply in the skin, there are few cases of completely cure when single used.

5. Meladinin.

The meladinin originated in France, it have orally intake tablets and exterior coating medicines. It can used together or use in singly. These two medicine combine together with better treatment effects than the medicine used singly. It’s cure rate is about 1.5%, it’s effective rate is about 30%. This medicine with strong side effects, internal use medicine will cause the side effects to their liver, kidney and digestive system. After stop taking the medicine, their vitiligo might come back. The exterior coating medicine with strong local response. Most of the vitiligo patients part of their skin become red or with blisters. There are a few patients with blisters, after these symptoms disappeared, their vitiligo will cured. But most of the vitiligo patients with blisters after the blisters disappeared, their vitiligo lesion will expand and cause their vitiligo expand. If this medicine used improperly, after half month use the exterior coating medicine, their vitiligo will suffered from the injuries in different degrees. Use this medicine above two months, their skin will have aging or fibrosis response. Once their skin with aging or fibrosis response, it’s very hard for them to get therapeutic effects with other therapies. So the vitiligo patients had better carefully use this medicine, it’s improper for them to irradiate the ultraviolet ray after applied this medicine or it will worse their skin injuries.

6. Other imported medicines.

In recent years, there are some patients use the medicines imported from the America, Japan and etc. One of the medicine among the imported medicines is BaiNingSu needle. According to the introductions of the patients from the America, Japan, France and etc, there are not many good therapies for vitiligo at present, so many hospital refuse to treat the vitiligo patients, so some foreign vitiligo patients choose to come to China to receive the treatment. There are some advertisements in the past alleged that three needles of BaiNingSu the vitiligo patients will see the obvious treatment effects, the seven needles of BaiNingSu will cure the vitiligo. Some hospitals use the BaiNingSu and cooperate with the exterior coating medicines to treat vitiligo, some patients singly use the exterior coating medicine to treat vitiligo also will get good treatment effects. So these tow kinds of medicines used together are hard to observe which medicine with treatment effects. According to many cases, there are no vitiligo patient cured after use this medicine. If this medicine really works, why the America sell this medicine to China while the America vitiligo patients come to China to receive the treatment? So for the imported medicines, the vitiligo patients also need to be carefully.

7. Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy for vitiligo.

The acupuncture can adjust the endocrine functions and increase the immunity theoretically. But according to the clinical observation, it’s treatment effects isn’t completely accordance to it’s theory. Some patient’s vitiligo expand after receive the acupuncture therapy. It might related with the fear and mental stress of the patients for the acupuncture. So the acupuncture therapy can not apply to every vitiligo patients, it’s needs to according to the individual difference of every vitiligo patients. For the patients have a phobia about acupuncture especially the children vitiligo patients had better avoid choosing the acupuncture to treat their vitiligo. Moreover, they had better avoid using the therapies might directly damage their skin such as plum blossom needle, fire needle or directly burn the skin with some firearms. The isomorphic reactions will occur after the vitiligo patient’s skin damaged.

8. Autologous epidermis grafting surgery.

This therapy targeted to the pathological changes of the pigment numbers decreased or completely loss in the skin lesions, adopt the equipment to remove the cells in the normal epidermis layer and graft to the vitiligo skin lesions to increase the melanocyte numbers and promote their pigment cell recovery in the skin lesions. This treatment start from the report in USA in 1964 write by the Kiistala, the grafting surgery is negative pressure suction foaming process. Clinical trial this surgery in China start from Shanghai medical university and China medical university. The pure negative pressure suck the bubbles need a longer time to foam the bubbles and the area of the removing skin is small, it not good for this surgery apply.

How to choose treatment plan?

1. Repeated consultation.

1. Consult the patients in the treatment process.

There is a common saying that the similarly afflicted people pity each other. The intercommunication of the patients help to reflect their vitiligo real condition, the vitiligo patients have no need to desperately find a cure for their vitiligo in hush, they can consult the patients in the treatment, the patients in the treatment had better introduce their treatment experience to them to help the patients to choose the correct treatments.

2. Consult the patients already cured.

In their vitiligo initial stage, they had better choose the treatment plan correctly, it can help them to achieve better treatment effects in their first time treatment. It essential to their vitiligo treatment. If their vitiligo receive the treatment for many times and failed to get good treatment effects, their vitiligo might become the stubborn skin disease permanently. The vitiligo patients had better face the reality and keep a normal mental state, they can actively visit the vitiligo patients cured, master may informations about the vitiligo treatment and compare the treatments repeatedly is better for them to choose the treatment according to their vitiligo condition. It can avoid the blindly receive the treatment in certain degree. There are two strange phenomenon in our daily life, some children got vitiligo, their parents want to hide their children’s vitiligo truth and let their children receive the treatment secretly, the second one is the patients searched for the cured vitiligo patients, they denied they once got this disease and refuse to offer the treatment information to them. So many vitiligo patients blindly take medicines because of improperly choose the treatments and induce their vitiligo expand. The vitiligo patients do more consultation and receive the proper treatment in timely is a responsible way to treat their vitiligo. The cured vitiligo patients once suffered from the torture of this disease, they should feel for the patients with the same disease and offer the help actively. There a few people discriminate this disease is the main reason cause the patients refuse to communicate with each other, they mistaken that the vitiligo with genetic factors and contagious factors, they are afraid to damage their reputation and afraid others know about their vitiligo. This disease have very low genetic factors, the vitiligo patients had better receive the treatment actively.

3. Consult the treatments from the hospitals.

The medicines in the market at present except the western medicines also contains many Chinese patent medicines includes vitiligo pills, vitiligo capsules and etc. The single medicine used to treat vitiligo normally without obvious treatment effects. Many specialist vitiligo hospital will adopt the self made prescriptions, the ratify number of this kind of medicine non standard prescription number. This kind of prescriptions authorized by provincial and municipal officials of department of medicine. The officials in provincial medicine administration know more about the real condition of this medicine clinical use, the ratify circle is short, the money consuming less and the hospital can flexible apply the self made proved recipes to treat many stubborn diseases. What deficiency at present is the need to adopt the comprehensive treatments for the patients according to their vitiligo conditions. The doctors need to make treatment plan according to their vitiligo changes. So the treatment effects of vitiligo in different hospital is different. The vitiligo treatment plan need to change according to their vitiligo condition changes. The patients consult in different hospitals need to have aspect to focus, treatment effects is the most important, if the vitiligo treatment with efficiency, the cure rate can see their skin texture, hair follicles, pores, and other fine structures. The skin lesion edge present in irregular shape, the changed photos no matter how to adjust can compare with the original photos. The data shows the patient’s name, gender, age, vitiligo onset rate, diagnosis and treatment process, home address, contact ways and etc.

According to the consultation in different aspects and compare many treatments and informations repeatedly and can choose the proper treatments for their vitiligo.

2. Observe treatments.

1. Initial vitiligo treatment effects.

The initial vitiligo treatment effects clinical presentation is the vitiligo shrink inside from the edge, the edge of vitiligo gradually become clear, the unclear of the edge is the presentation of their vitiligo development. The melanin dots in the vitiligo is deeper than normal skin color. If the treatment they adopt is proper, after one month of treatment, the vitiligo patients can see the treatment effects, more than 85% of the patients can see the treatment effects in two to three months. The patients see the treatment effects after above three months treatment is quite rare.

2. Obvious effects.

The black dots enlarged and merged into large patches, the small white spots disappeared, the large white patches obviously shrink.

3. Cure.

The vitiligo completely disappeared, the skin color in vitiligo sites is deeper than normal skin color, completely restore the skin color need at least more than three months.

4. No treatment effects.

If the vitiligo patients receive the treatment continuously more than three months and can not see the treatment effects, they can consider to change their treatment plan.

In their vitiligo treatment process, it’s better for them to see their attending doctor once per month, observe their vitiligo condition carefully, treat according to their vitiligo symptoms. If they can not see their doctor in person, they had better take their vitiligo photos and send to their doctor to let their doctor diagnose their vitiligo via photos. They had better introduce their vitiligo changes after receive the treatment or take the medicine to their doctor via emails or phones. If the vitiligo patients closely cooperate with their doctor, even the vitiligo patients in the late stage still have chance to get good treatment effects.

3. Cure time.

There are six factors might influence their vitiligo cure time.

1. The onset time of their vitiligo.

The vitiligo in initial stage, normally their vitiligo sick time in three months, their vitiligo can be cured in three to ten months, the average cure time is 7 months, the vitiligo in the middle stage, the sick time normally in four months to three years, their vitiligo will cured in six months to two years, the average cure time is one and half year. The vitiligo in the late stage, their sick time is more than four years, their vitiligo cure time is range from one year to four years, the average cure time is two years.

The skin lesion sizes.

The skin lesion size of their vitiligo range from rice to fingernail, it present in limited dots, it’s cure time is about three to ten months, there are only one patches with the palm size, the cure time is about eight to fourteen months. The size of two to three palms it’s cure time is about ten months to sixteen months. The vitiligo with larger size and distribute in may parts of their body, it need two to four years to cure their vitiligo.

The skin lesion sites.

The vitiligo on face have quicker treatment effects than the head, neck, back, breast, hip, waist, abdomen, hands, feet and mucosal areas. The vitiligo on arms, legs, joints, hands, feet, mucosal areas with longer treatment course and lower cure rate. Their hair become white, still have hairs with normal color still have the chance to become black, the patients hair all become white is harder to cure. The eyebrow become white easier to cure, the eyelash become white is harder to restore the normal color.

4. Age.

The teenager and children vitiligo patients will get better treatment effects the elderly patients. But the treatment effects in their early stage have no obvious difference. The vitiligo in the middle and late stage have obvious treatment effects difference because of age.

5. Individual difference.

Their life habits, mental state, physical conditions and other individual differences will influence the treatment effects the patients will get. The patients with diet bias, like smoking and drinking, snacks favor, like to drink beverages, they will get slower treatment effects and longer treatment process. The vitiligo patients keep a good mental state, they will get better treatment effects than the patients with mental stress, depression, insomnia problems and mental function disorder problems, the obesity patients, the patients with whiter skin color, their vitiligo treatment difficulty is larger than other patients.

6. The types of their skin lesions.

The localized vitiligo with smaller area it’s cure rate can reach to 96%. The segmental vitiligo cure rate can reach to 98%, but this type vitiligo will receive the slower treatment effects and it’s treatment time is longer, the vitiligo with larger areas need to receive the treatment for more than two years, their vitiligo have chance to be cured. The pigment cells in the lesions of this type of vitiligo is completely lost, this type of vitiligo need apply the autologous epidermis cell grafting surgery. The sporadic vitiligo with larger size and distribute in joints, arms, legs, hands, feet and their vitiligo condition is unstable, it’s harder for them to treat their vitiligo. The generalized vitiligo is the hardest one to cure, it’s cure rate is below 5%.

4. Doctor’s responsibility.

There are many factors might induce vitiligo, the treatment effects of vitiligo influenced by many factors, one medicine for treatment can not cure all diseases. So, whether the vitiligo patients can get good treatment effects and recovered from their vitiligo, the doctor’s responsibility plays an important role in it. The medical workers had better with good medical ethics, treat the patients as their relatives, they had better observe the patient’s vitiligo condition carefully and master and record their vitiligo condition precisely, make targeted treatment plan according to their individual difference, it can help the patients get rid of the torture of their vitiligo earlier.

Western medicine treatment vitiligo.

1. Cosmetics and exterior dye products can help to cover their white spots, especially the skin lesions in face, neck, hands and etc. Their is a special cosmetic brand named Covermark contains dioxyacetone, it can combined with the free amino group in the epidermal skin protein amino, it can formed into a melanoidins with the same skin color, it can evenly covered in the skin of white spots. But the cosmetics not apply to the vitiligo in the generalized period or the vitiligo in activate stage.

2. Corticosteroid.

Tsukada start to systemic use the corticosteroid to treat vitiligo in 1959, the farah and other orally intake psoralen, orally use or external use corticosteroid treat vitiligo once achieved success. According to researches, there are about 32% to 58% of the vitiligo patients can completely restore the color, 16% to 40% vitiligo patients can partly restore the color. The Koga apply different types of external use corticosteroid to treat vitiligo and found the vitiligo on the face and neck of their body with better response to the medicine. The potent corticosteroid treat localized vitiligo for about one to two months can restore the color, the intramuscular inject the adrenaline adrenocorticotrophic hormone also can help to improve the vitiligo condition. There are about 30% ti 60% of vitiligo patients treatment effects can continue to more than 26 weeks. The vitiligo after stop treating is easy to recurrent. The systemic corticosteroid apply to the treatment of the generalized vitiligo.

What I mentioned above are the treatments for vitiligo in the market at present and wish these informations can help the vitiligo patients choose the treatment according to their symptoms.


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