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Attentions For Patients With Vitiligo On Face

The facial vitiligo means the patients with white spots on their face. This kind of disease can occur in any part of the world.

Most of the vitiligo occur in subtropical area, tropical countries. This disease closely related with the regions, climates and etc. What about the attentions for the patients with vitiligo on face? In the following part, let’s listen to the specialist’s introduction for your reference.

What is the facial vitiligo.

The facial vitiligo is the vitiligo in face, it’s skin lesion number can single shot or multiple shot. The sizes and shapes of vitiligo are different, the hairs in vitiligo sites might become white.

There are several points vitiligo patients need to pay attention to.

Vitiligo treatment process is a quite long time process, the vitiligo patients need have certain patience to fight against it.

1. Receive the regular treatment in timely.

The vitiligo patients once got vitiligo is necessary to receive the treatment at the first time. They need go to the regular hospital to receive the treatment. Except for the vitiligo on exposure areas will brought much disturbances to vitiligo patients, it also will heavily hit the heart of the vitiligo patients.

2. The vitiligo patients had better avoid believe in some so called folk remedies.

Vitiligo is a very complex skin disease, if the vitiligo patients blindly believe in some so called folk remedies to treat their vitiligo, it will cause serious difficulty for their vitiligo.

3. Avoid blindly take medicines.

The vitiligo patients had better avoid blindly take medicines to treat their vitiligo, especially had better avoid use the hormone mediciens, immunosuppressors and etc. Although these medicines have quicker treatment effects for some of the vitiligo patients, once stop the medicine, their vitiligo easy to come back.

There are several health cares good for vitiligo patients.

1. Avoid smoking and drinking, avoid eating too much spicy and pungent foods.

2. Avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C.

3. Choose the place with fresh airs to exercise to decrease the harmful gas intake.

In the work, vitiligo patients had better to take some protective measures if their work related with the chemical industry substances, coatings, paintings and heavy metal salts.

The vitiligo patients had better relieve their mental negative emotions, find a vent for them. Wish these informations can help the vitiligo patients.


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