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Whether The Folk Prescriptions Can Treat Vitiligo

folk prescriptions for vitiligo patientsAccording to researches of the vitiligo association in the march indicates the vitiligo outpatient rate is increasing greatly. The president of the China vitiligo association introduce that in the summer, the vitiligo patients wear the thin cloths, their vitiligo exposed in their skin and seriously damage their appearance. But many vitiligo patients wavering in the treatments choose for their vitiligo. Many vitiligo patients choose the folk prescriptions for their vitiligo and cause their vitiligo worsen and brought much difficulty to their vitiligo treatment.

There are some harms of the folk prescriptions for vitiligo. The folk prescriptions only apply to a few vitiligo patients not for the most of the vitiligo patients.

In daily life, some people often heard this kind of conversation such as one of my relatives use the folk prescriptions to treat vitiligo and finally cured their vitiligo and not recurrent for a long time.

A lot of vitiligo patients will inquire what kind of prescriptions that vitiligo patients tried, they also want to have a try. In fact, the recovery rate of the folk prescriptions for vitiligo is not higher than 1%. Many patient’s vitiligo expand in large scale because of using the prescriptions.

The onset causes of vitiligo is quite complex, if the vitiligo patients want to cure their vitiligo, they had better choose the advanced scientific technology to treat their vitiligo systemically.

If the vitiligo patients take the folk remedies improperly, the aftermath caused by it is hard to imagine.

Vitiligo is a disease caused by the pigment metabolism disorder. It’s not a simple disease can be cured only by some so called folk prescriptions. Moreover, the folk prescriptions treatment effects have individaul difference. One folk prescriptions often apply to the thousands of vitiligo patients, the folk prescriptions often ignore the individual difference. In the dosage and materials, the folk prescriptions exist serious negative respond and potential threats. Third is the therapeutic concepts of the folk prescriptions have no scientific basis, it’s treatment effects also not strictly tested by the authoritative organizations, it have not safety guarantee.

The folk prescriptions works for one person, not necessary works for another person, one person take folk prescriptions is safe not necessary means the other people also safe after take this folk prescriptions. The vitiligo patients had better carefully take these so called folk prescriptions.

The folk prescriptions to treat vitiligo is not the optimum choice for vitiligo patients, wish every vitiligo patients can weight the advantages and disadvantages. Only receive the treatment in a regular hospital, can their vitiligo get a sooner recovery.


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