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How To Diagnose Vitiligo Precisely

How to treat vitiligo preciselySome people have white symptoms in their body, but they not sure whether it is vitiligo or not. The types of vitiligo are varies, the precise diagnosis is quite necessary for vitiligo patients. Here are some ways can help to diagnose whether the white spots in their body is vitiligo or not.

1. Through observation.

The initial diagnosis of vitiligo is through the symptoms of the white spots. The vitiligo in it’s initial stage is point-like or flack shape depigmentation spots. The number of these spots are one or several. The edge of the vitiligo between the normal skin often not very clear for the melanin in the vitiligo sites not lost completely and present in shallow white color. The vitiligo sites have no itch or pain feelings. After the skin lesion gradually expand and the melanin completely loss, it’s edge of their vitiligo between the normal skin will become very clear. The vitiligo patients had better observe the symptoms of their vitiligo and then diagnose in the regular hospital.

2. Find a professional doctor to observe their white spots carefully.

The precise of vitiligo diagnosis is the precondition of the vitiligo treatment. The white spots symptoms is similar to the symptoms of many skin diseases, so it quite easy to cause the misdiagnosis. Find a doctor with many years clinical experience to distinguish the vitiligo with other skin diseases can help to avoid the vitiligo misdiagnosis.

3. According the scientific tests in the hospital.

The causes of vitiligo are quite complex, if the patients with the symptoms of white spots want to make the final diagnosis, they had better go to a regular hospital to receive the scientific instrument’s tests to detect the causes of their vitiligo and then make targeted treatment plan for their vitiligo according to the causes. The wood lamp is the most common diagnosis device for vitiligo.

Precisely diagnosis is very important for vitiligo treatment, wish I mentioned above can help the vitiligo patients to diagnose their vitiligo.


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