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4 Health Cares For Vitiligo Patients

4 health cares for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease. It characterized by the localized or generalized pigment loss, it’s a disease will influence the appearance of vitiligo patients. The vitiligo is easy to diagnose but hard to treat, the causes of vitiligo are quite complex, so the vitiligo patients had better take special attention to their skin in their daily life. In the following part, there are 8 vitiligo health cares for vitiligo.

1. Eat more foods rich in tyrosine.

There are some foods rich in tyrosine such as lean meat, bird eggs, animal livers, milk, fresh vegetables, beans includes soy beans, green beans, bean products. The peanuts, black sesames, raisins, walnuts and etc. The mineral substances such as shellfishes such as snails, clams, oysters and etc.

2. Diet control is also a very important diet link for vitiligo patients.

For the vitiligo patients, avoid the intake of foods rich in VC such as fresh citrus, grapefruits, fresh dates, hawthorns, cherries, kiwifruits, strawberries, wax berries and etc. The daily experience shows the too sour or spicy foods and some hot foods or stimulating foods such as fishes, shrimps, crabs, mutton, dog meat and etc.

3. Have a balanced diet.

The vitiligo in the daily life need to have a scientific diet chart. They need a balanced diet to ensure the balanced nutrition for their body. If the vitiligo patients with diet bias, it easy to cuase the diet malnutrition and cause the melanin synthesis substances relatively shortage. So the diet bias is not a a good diet habits, so the vitiligo patients if have this kind of diet habits had better to correct it.

4. Intake some foods rich in copper elements.

There are some data shows that the copper and ceruloplasmin contents in the blood and vitiligo tissues of some vitiligo patients is much lower than the normal people. The vitiligo patients in their daily life have better intake more foods rich in copper elements, they can use some copper spoons, copper kettles and copper tableware to supply their copper. It not only can alleviate or get rid of the poison caused by the orally or intravenous route administration. It also can be a feasible assistant treatment for vitiligo patients.

What I mentioned above can help your vitiligo with a speedy recovery.


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