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3 Daily Health Cares For Vitiligo

3 daily health cares for vitiligoVitiligo is a quite common skin disease, it’s easy to diagnose but hard to treat. Vitiligo patient receive the regular treatment in timely and at the meantime also need to do good job in health cares in their daily life. Many vitiligo patients still lack the knowledge of the importance of health cares of vitiligo in their daily life.

1. Adjust their mental state.

Keep a open mind state, avoid anxious, angry, sadness and other negative emotions.

Cultivate a good life habits, avoid their biological clock disorder and their nerve endocrine disorder.

Balance the rest and work, avoid overtired.

2. Adjust the diet and pay attention to the diet restrictions.

1. Vitiligo patients can eat more nuts like ginkgoes, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine kernels, watermelon seeds, apricots and etc. The beans and bean products, sesames and animal livers also very good foods for vitiligo patients.

Absolutely avoid eating seafood, decrease drinking wines.

There are many patients got vitiligo because of over eating seafood, drinking wines. There are some vitiligo patients receive the long term treatment but their vitiligo still hard to get controlled that is because of they are hard to restrict the wines and seafood.

3. Protect the skin and avoid injuries.

Vitiligo patients had better wear the loose and big cloths, especially the underwear, underpants, bra had better not too tight. The vitiligo under the breasts, in waist, groin and etc often caused by the pressures. The cloth textures of the underwear or underpants had better made of pure cotton, they had better avoid wear the cloths in chemical fiber.

Avoid external injuries, pressures, frictions and etc, avoid use too much strength in shower.

Vitiligo patients should have enough confidence, if their vitiligo receive the targeted treatment earlier, their vitiligo have chance to be controlled effectively. What the vitiligo patients should do is to cooperate with their doctor to treat their vitiligo and don’t have too much stress in their life and work.


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