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3 Errors In Vitiligo Treatment Process

3 treatment errors for vitiligoVitiligo is a common pigment loss skin disease. The symptoms of vitiligo in white spots with different sizes and shapes in the skin. The edge of vitiligo is quite clear, the pigment in the edge of their vitiligo is deeper than other areas. In recently researches, we can find the vitiligo not only will appear in the skin, the ears, eyes and other parts of their body also might involved into it.

The vitiligo have no obvious age, sex or races difference. The incidence of vitiligo is about 1% to 2% in the world. In recent years, this rate gradually increasing. The common onset sites of vitiligo is in the exposure ears, it’s easy to diagnose but hard to treat. It’s most serious influence for the patients is their appearance.

At present, there are no very effective treatments for vitiligo in the world, some illegal hospitals will cheat the vitiligo patients with different tricks. So the vitiligo patients must pay attention to this. There are 3 errors in the vitiligo treatment process.

1. Think the epidermis transplanting surgery as a cure for their vitiligo.

Epidermis transplanting surgery is a therapy only treat the symptoms not for the causes. Many hospital will advertise the epidermis transplanting surgery as a main treatment for vitiligo. Many vitiligo patients don’t know much as this surgery and their vitiligo condition, they blindly choose this treatment with the hope to get quicker treatment effects, they often cheated by this trick.

The Chinese medicine holds that the vitiligo although is a skin disease, it’s root in the internal organs. It caused by qi and blood disorder, the meridian obstructed, the hair poles closed and their skin lack of nutrition, these factors add together finally cause their vitiligo. So the vitiligo is a external disease caused by the internal factors, purely skin grafting surgery can not promise their vitiligo completely cured, it’s only a treatment for the the symptoms not for the causes, so the recurrence rate of vitiligo is quite high.

The Chinese medicine at present formed a distinctive treatments for the vitiligo after analyze the causes, pathogens of vitiligo and get quite good treatment effects. The Chinese medicine treat vitiligo largely decrease the recurrence rate of vitiligo. The Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo can activate the tyrosinase activity to produce more melanin and improve the body’s immunity at the same time, it can increase the skin disease resistance ability and achieve the effects of treat the disease both from the symptoms and causes.

2. Blindly take hormone medicines in large dosage.

At present, the western medicine treat vitiligo mainly use the hormones and immunosuppressor to treat vitiligo, it have certain treatment effects in the initial stage, that is because the hormone and immunosuppressor can alleviate the progress of autoimmunity. But the hormones and immunosuppressor can not solve the causes of vitiligo from the root, on the contrary, it might interrupt their immunity function and cause their vitiligo condition become more complex if they long term take these medicines. The hormones and immunosuppressor also easy to induce many adverse effects, so these medicines need to use carefully.

3. Rely the hope to treat their vitiligo on some folk prescriptions.

Many vitiligo patients will turn to some so called folk prescriptions after they could not get satisfied treatment effects from the regular therapies or because of the economic burdens. It’s recklessly to try some so called folk remedies without the professional doctor’s instruction often can not get good results. The so called folk prescriptions often are the tricks of some outlaws tricks to cheat money by take advantage of the vitiligo patients desperately search for a cure for their vitiligo. Many vitiligo patients have seriously allergic reaction after take these so called folk prescriptions.

Although vitiligo is a disease it’s pathogenesis still remain unclear, if the vitiligo patients receive the treatment earlier and closely cooperate with their doctor, their vitiligo have very high chance to be cured.


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