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Daily Health Cares And Psychological Counseling For Vitiligo

daily health cares and psychological counselings for vitiligoVitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease and easy to come back. For the vitiligo patients, good health cares and mental state are critical for their vitiligo treatment. If the vitiligo patients did not do a good job in the health cares and keep a good mental state in their daily life, their vitiligo might recurrent or worsen.

There are some health care attentions and psychological counseling attentions for vitiligo patients in the following part.

The health cares for vitiligo patients in their daily life.

1. Carefully apply the external use medicines to avoid stimulate the skin.

Especially for the creams or ointment for the face, the vitiligo patients had better take special attention to.

2. Properly bask in the sunshine but avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight in the summer.

3. The vitiligo in the progressive stage had better avoid some mechanical stimulation to damage their skin. The external injuries for vitiligo patients in the progressive stage easy to cause the isomorphic reaction.

4. The vitiligo patients had better combine the treatment and diet therapy together to treat their vitiligo.

There are some foods can assist the vitiligo treatment such as the edible fungus, black sesame, black soy beans, mulberries, black dates, walnuts and etc.

Psychological counselings for vitiligo patients.

1. Vitiligo is a mental and physical skin disease, the mental state of vitiligo patients play an important role in their vitiligo treatment process.

2. The vitiligo patients had better cooperate with their doctors to to treat their vitiligo. They had better erect the confidence and with patience, persistence to treat their vitiligo.

3. A good family environment is good for their vitiligo. The vitiligo patient’s family members had better give enough cares for the vitiligo patients, comfort them and encourage them, help them get rid of the negative emotions.

The health cares and psychological counseling are quite important for vitiligo treatment, so it’s worth to arose the enough attention for the vitiligo patients.


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