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Vitiligo Treatment Courses

vitiligo treatment coursesVitiligo is a disease with complex causes. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease hard to treat and not easy to get good treatment effects in a short time. How long it need to take to see the obvious treatment effects? This question is a well concerned question by many vitiligo patients.

According to the reports from all over the world, it need to take about three months to six months for vitiligo patients to see the obvious treatment effects. How long it need to take to see whether a medicine or treatment is work for their vitiligo? It needs at least three weeks continuously receive the treatment. 3 months is the growth period of the healthy melanocyte. The melanin condition in the basal layer of epidermis is the important factor will influence the vitiligo patient’s condition.

The recovery of damaged melanin need a certain a time. This time is longer than the epidermis cell grow course. According to many clinical observations, among many factors might influence the vitiligo treatment effects, the vitiligo types is one of a very important factor. The localized vitiligo need to receive the treatment about two months to get treatment effects. The segmental vitiligo or large area vitiligo need at least three months treatments can see the treatment effects. The completely restore the color need even longer time. So vitiligo patients had better patiently cooperate with their doctor during their vitiligo treatment process.

The vitiligo treatment course is long term process, it’s unrealistic for vitiligo patients want to get treatment effects in a very short time. During the vitiligo treatment process, vitiligo patients must have enough patience for their vitiligo, they need to make sure to receive the treatment in a long term.

There are some factors can influence the vitiligo treatment course.

1. Sick time.

Normally the sick time of vitiligo is shorter, the treatment effects will be better. If the vitiligo delayed for too long time, their vitiligo will become harder to treat.

2. Vitiligo size.

The vitiligo treatment effects directly related with the vitiligo size. The vitiligo size is smaller, the treatment course is shorter.

3. Vitiligo sites.

The vitiligo on face is earlier to get treatment effects than vitiligo in other parts. If vitiligo on hairs and mucosal sites hard to get treatment effects.

What I mentioned above is about the vitiligo treatment courses and wish it have some help to you.


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