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5 Daily Health Cares For Vitiligo

5 health cares for vitiligoMany vitiligo patients suffered a lot from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease hard to cure. There are 5 daily health cares is very effective for the vitiligo expand.

1. Prevent the sunlight irradiation.

Vitiligo had better prevent over exposure to the sunlight especially in the late spring and early summer. Vitiligo patients had better avoid directly contact with phenol chemical substances and decolorising agents, all these can prevent their melanin destroyed.

2. Diet restrictions.

Vitiligo patients had better avoid eating too much fishes and shrimps. Especially had better avoid intake too much seafood, crab, mutton, pepper, wine and etc. They can eat more black rice, black soy beans, edible fungi and etc.

3. Avoid external injuries.

The external injuries can whiten the skin in the wound sites. That might caused by the nerve fiber damaged in the localized injuries or the body under the high stress state cause the endocrine system function disorder and decrease the melanin metabolism and synthesis.

4. Enhance physical exercise and increase their resistance ability.

The vitiligo onset related with the low immunity of the vitiligo patients. If the vitiligo patients enhance the physical exercise often, their immunity function can be increased largely, it can largely decrease their vitiligo onset rate effectively.

5. Keep a good mental state and get rid of worries.

Keep an optimistic mental state is the one of the most important factors for us to prevent or treat vitiligo. The mental factor is the one of the factor can influence vitiligo state, if the vitiligo patients keep a good mental state, their vitiligo expand speed will largely decreased and it also good for their vitiligo recovery.

What I mentioned above are the daily health cares for vitiligo patients. But only health cares are not enough to treat their vitiligo, the most important for vitiligo patients is to receive the systemic treatment for their vitiligo. Under the help the health cares and good treatment, their vitiligo recovery rate will largely increase.


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