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4 Factors Easy Worse Vitiligo

4 factors easy worse vitiligoVitiligo is a relatively normal skin disease. It have white spots symptoms in the skin. Many vitiligo patients will make some mistakes during their vitiligo treatment process. There are 5 mistakes easy worse vitiligo.

1. Find a little clinic to have a try.

Vitiligo patients turn to some little clinic with limited treatments instead of receive the treatment in a large scale specialist vitiligo hospital. In fact, we suggest the vitiligo patients go to a large scale specialist vitiligo hospital to receive the treatment for their vitiligo, they will get better treatment effects. These professional specialist vitiligo hospital have more doctors with rich experience in this filed. The diagnosis and treatments are more professional, the nurses and doctors can help the vitiligo patients solve all kinds of problems during their treatment process if the vitiligo patients receive the treatment in a large scale regular vitiligo hospital.

2. Compare with the medication treatment, the surgery is a better choice.

The advantages of surgery for vitiligo is with shorter treatment courses, quicker treatment effects and high efficiency rate. But different vitiligo patients with different physical condition and their vitiligo degree and symptoms are different. So the surgery is not necessary suit for every vitiligo patients. The medication treatment is a more traditional treatment compared with the surgery, but medication treatment is much safer. So vitiligo patients had better under their professional doctor’s instruction to decide whether they are suitable for the surgery to treat their vitiligo.

3. Think vitiligo just like have a cold, after take some medicines and have several days rest in their home, their vitiligo cured.

Vitiligo is not like cold, it’s a primary depigmentation skin disease, it caused by the tyrosinase function decrease in the melanocyte of the skin. It’s a one of the three skin diseases in the world, it’s very stubborn. So vitiligo need systemic treatments instead of pure medicines.

4. After the surgery, vitiligo patients have no need to take medicines.

Many vitiligo patients desperately want to find a cure for their vitiligo. For this chronic disease, they are not prepared enough to treat for a long time, instead they only rely on the surgery and want to get quick treatment effects. But they ignored the consolidation effects of medicine for their vitiligo, vitiligo is a pigment loss skin disease, only surgery is not enough to make sure their vitiligo cured completely.

These 5 mistakes cause many vitiligo patients hard to get good treatment effects and finally delayed their vitiligo.


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