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Vitiligo Treatment Effects Evaluation Criteria

how to judge vitiligo treatment effectsVitiligo is a chronic stubborn skin disease, it’s easy to diagnose but hard to treat. Many vitiligo patients in their treatment process might want to have a clear criterion to judge whether their treatment is work or not. So how to observe vitiligo therapeutic effects during treatment might be a well concerned question by vitiligo patients and their family members.

After receive one course treatment, the clinical presentation that proved their treatment worked includes 5 points.

1. Their vitiligo stop expanding.

2. The edge of their vitiligo change from unclear into clear state.

3. In the edge of their vitiligo, the pigmentation symptoms deepen.

4. There are some black dots generated in the center of their vitiligo.

5. Their vitiligo color become red, gradually lighten or unclear, their vitiligo gradually shrink inside.

These 5 points are important criterion to judge whether their vitiligo treatment is work or not.

We all know vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, only one treatment hard to work for them. Most of the specialist vitiligo hospital adopt systemic treatment to treat vitiligo.

The vitiligo patients had better take medicines and receive the treatment under the professional doctor’s instruction, many patient’s vitiligo worsen because of treat their vitiligo by themselves instead of turn to the doctor.

There are some attentions good for vitiligo patients during their treatment process.

First they had better improve their mental state and their change their unhealthy life and work environment, it can help to increase their immunity function, prevent and treat their vitiligo earlier and insist their treatment, it can help their vitiligo have speedy recovery.

Vitiligo patients if have clear vitiligo treatment effects observation criterion and choose the right hospital to receive the treatment, pay enough attention to their health cares, their vitiligo will get better treatment effects.


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