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Attentions To Prevent Vitiligo

attentions to prevent vitiligoVitiligo onset rate in the world have been rising in these years. The vitiligo onset causes related with the rapid growth of world population and the biological environment suffered from damage in different degrees and have certain influence to the mental and physical health of our body. So attentions to prevent vitiligo is necessary for every one.

There are some measures can help to prevent vitiligo and avoid the harmful substances damage our health.

1. Vitiligo patients had better avoid directly contact with harmful substances.

Avoid contacting with the chemical materials such as coatings, paintings and heavy metal substances. The people often contact with these substances need to take some protective measures.

2. Decrease some harmful substances enter to their respiratory tract.

Vitiligo patients should avoid do the violent exercise in the road with heavy smokes.

3. Decrease the harmful foods intake.

The vegetables and fruits need rinse repeatedly before eat. If the time is allowed, their fruits and vegetables needs to soak in the pure water about 15 to 30 minutes and then wash with the clean water to decrease the pesticides and other harmful substances intake.

4. Decrease the ultraviolet ray irradiation.

Vitiligo patients need to take protective measures when they need long term exposed in the intense sunlight. If they need to go out in the hot summer, they need take sun umbrella with them or apply some sunscreen creams and etc.

5. Vitiligo patients need have a healthy diet chart.

Avoid diet bias, have regular diet every day, focus on the nutrition of the diet and make scientific diet chart have great importance for their vitiligo prevention and treatment.

6. Enhance physical exercise and keep a optimistic mental state.

There are some unhappy things will happen in our life quite often and every one have certain mental or physical pressures, if these negative emotions can not find a vent, it’s quite easy to cause their biological function disorder and cause many disease onset. So vitiligo patients need to keep a good mental state, it have great importance in vitiligo treatment.

These attentions both vitiligo patients and their relatives need to bear in their mind. Wish every one can get away from vitiligo and live a happy life.


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