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4 Factors Can Influence Vitiligo Treatment

four factors might influence vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is a relatively stubborn skin disease, it not only need long term to treat, it also easy to come back. So vitiligo patients need to take positive measures to treat their vitiligo, so what factors can influence their vitiligo treatment?

According to some relevant research, we found there are 4 factors can influence vitiligo treatment.

First is the vitiligo patients didn’t cultivate a good life habits, it might influence their vitiligo treatment. Burning the night oil will also cause vitiligo. Some other negative life habits also harmful for their vitiligo condition. The vitiligo expand high season often in spring and summer, the causes of the it related to the high temperature in these two seasons might accelerate their blood circulation while the blood circulation in the vitiligo sites have problems, cause their vitiligo sites expand or have new vitiligo generated.

Second the external injuries caused by the burning, scratch or cut damaged the dermis cause their melanocyte damaged, this call cause their melanocyte loss and induce vitiligo. It’s mechanism is the immune function damaged in the lymphocytes.

Third the unhealthy diet also might influence their vitiligo treatment. Vitiligo patients often eat too pungent and stimulating foods or the foods rich in vitamin C such as wine, vinegar, tomato, strawberry, mutton, raw garlic, seafood and etc can worsen vitiligo. So good diet is very important for vitiligo patients during their treatment process.

Four is the long term depression, anxiety, unstable mental state all might influence their vitiligo nerve system and cause the tyrosine that necessary in the melanin synthesis process decreased and also will influence the hormone secretion and immune system in their body and worsen their vitiligo. So keep a good mood state very important for vitiligo treatment.

Vitiligo patients had better find a professional doctor, this doctor better to be a good listener and can provide some mental support for your vitiligo. Vitiligo patients need let their doctor know whether they are suffering from mental pressures, so the doctor can help them decrease the stress. The patients also should learn more about their vitiligo condition and the treatments for their vitiligo.

These factors can influence their vitiligo treatment, vitiligo patients had better prevent these factors.


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