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Causes And Remedies For Vitiligo

causes and remedies for vitiligoVitiligo is a common pigment loss disease with high onset rate. The vitiligo characterized by the localized or generalized white spots in the skin. It’s a acquired white spots formed by the melanin decrease or apoptosis.

The causes of vitiligo.

The melanocyte number in the skin gradually decrease and even apoptosis cause the vitiligo onset. It’s specific mechanism still remain unclear. There are several factors might might related with the vitiligo onset. First is the nerve cells function disorder and produce the toxic substances to the melanocyte, the body immune system function disorder, attack and destroy the melanocyte or because of the melanocyte own faults such as form some side products have toxic effects to itself during the melanin generation process. Moreover, the vitiligo patients might have certain genetic faults, make the melanocyte easy to be destroyed.

The clinical presentation of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is the white spots or patches formed by the pigment loss. The depigmentation white spots with different sizes from several millimeters to several centimeters. The vitiligo in the development state will gradually expand and have new depigmentation spots appear. The patients with shallow skin color, their vitiligo is not obvious while for the patients with dark skin color, their vitiligo will form obvious contrast with their skin color. Under the wood lamp, the edge of vitiligo is quite obvious. Any parts of the skin vitiligo have the possibility involve the white spots, the vitiligo normally distribute symmetrically. In the world the vitiligo onset rate is about 1%. Half of the patients vitiligo onset age is before 20. About 20% vitiligo patients have family history. Most of vitiligo patients with good health condition.

Remedies for vitiligo.

There are several remedies for vitiligo at present like 308 excimer laser, NB UVB and laser. PUVA is a phototherapy for vitiligo patients in the before, but now most of the hospital apply the NB UVB to treat vitiligo, it have good treatment effects for vitiligo patients and have no side effects for them. At present, according to the survey, the Chinese medicine combine with western medicine and accompany with these phototherapy to treat vitiligo have better treatment effect. Wish every vitiligo patients have a sooner recovery.


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