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How To Prevent Localized Vitiligo Prevent

How to prevent the localized vitiligo expandThe basic knowledge for vitiligo patients is to know how to prevent their vitiligo expand. If the vitiligo patients do a good job to prevent their vitiligo expand in the early stage of their vitiligo, it is very helpful for their vitiligo recovery. In the following part I will talking about is how to prevent the localized vitiligo expand.

1. Apply some moisturizer on your face.

The dryness of the skin is the hotbed for the vitiligo expand. So vitiligo patients must pay attention to moisturize their skin, they should choose some oily moisturizer with larger concentration. It can moisturize the water for a longer time.

2. Pay attention to their skin changes.

The vitiligo patients had better take care of their skin, apply the moisturizer need pay attention not to damage their skin or cause the dander. They also should fix their fingernails often to avoid their fingernails hurt their skin.

3. Keep their room moderate humidity degree.

Vitiligo patients afraid most is the dryness climate, they need to pay attention to the humidity in their room. The dryness will worsen their vitiligo condition.

4. Use the humidifier especially in the dry season.

5. Avoid take the medicines might worsen the vitiligo condition.

Vitiligo patients should consult with the doctor often, for vitiligo patients, they must pay attention to avoid blindly take medicines for their vitiligo without under the doctor’s instruction. They must take the medicine after consult with the doctors.

There are some systemic treatments for localized vitiligo. Localized vitiligo patients must pay attention to protect their damaged skin to avoid the melanocyte changes under their skin tissues.

Earlier found, earlier treatment, above 90% of vitiligo in the early stage can be cured completely. The patient is younger, the vitiligo area is smaller, their vitiligo is easier to treat.

Vitiligo patients had better receive the regular treatments, don’t believe in those so called folk remedies, it can delay their vitiligo conditions.

What I mentioned above can help the localized vitiligo patients prevent their vitiligo expand.


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