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Tips For Preventing Vitiligo

Tips For Preventing VitiligoAs we all know a fact that vitiligo is a chronic skin condition which characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigment. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function. Aside from cases of contact with certain chemicals, the cause of vitiligo is unknown.

When the body is deficiency in these metallic elements such as: copper, zinc, iron, tyrosinase activity will be reduced, melanin anabolic will be influenced and the pathological changes is produced. In order to cooperate with treatment and increase the curative effect, So it is highly recommanded to patients to eat more food which contains rich tyrosine and minerals in daily life.

So, in our daily life, we should pay enough attention on scientific diet and rational collocation of various foods in order to ensure the nutrition of our body needs. There is a fact that many people are picky eating,they refuse to eat something that they dont like , and each food contains different nutrition and vitamins , so the picky eating will somehow cause food collocation disorders and nutrition deviation,and could lead to the deficiency of the necessary substances to synthetize melanin, so picky eating is a not allowed in our daily life and it should be corrected on time.

The cause of vitiligo is complicated, the treatment of vitiligo too, and this disease seriously influence the patient's quality of life.The prevention of this disease has not yet been paid common attention, people don't know how to prevent the disease before they carry it. It is very important to spread out the vitiligo prevention knowledge in order to lower the risk of vitiligo. Here are some rational tips of vitiligo prevention.

Tips 1:keep a rational diet and nutritional balance

When it comes to the healthy living habit. rational diet and nutritional balance arr most important to mention,so patients should pay much attention to diet nutrition,making scientific diet list and have a good eating habit has important significance to the prevention and treatment of vitiligo.

There are couple of foods we eat nd use in our daily life,and we have figured out that nutrients contained in different types of foods are quite different.So patients should ensure the intake of all kinds of nutrients necessary for human body to meet the demand of physiological functions. We shoulf eat more food which contain rich tyrosine and minerals such as beef, pork, poultry eggs, fresh vegetables, beans, peanuts, sesame seed, raisins, shellfish, nuts, etc.

Tips 2:keep the optimistic emotion

As we all know a fact that optimistic emotion can change not only our physical world but spritual world too, it has a significant effect for those who’s been under continuous unpleasantness and mental pressure, While . Long-term negative emotion and mood can cause physiological disorders and result in the occurring of many diseases..For this reason,in daily life and work,the people should adjust attitude on time, and try to improve the adaptability to environmental changes,try to handle properly the relationship between family and society,the relationship between individual and friends,etc.

Tips 3: pay attention to avoid environment and food pollution

As we all known that air pollution and food pollutions are harmful to our body cuz it contains some toxic Substances, so we should pay enough attention on reducing exposure to harmful substances:try to reduce industrial chemicals and heavy metals,etc and we should select the green and healthy food when we are eating in resturant or cook at home, and refuse to use chemical stuffs which contains hight toxic substances.

It is suggested to do some physical exercise such as running and jumping in order to reduce the harmful substances which inhaled through the respiratory tract.Don't eat foods with overproof heavy metal salt,such as the popcorn processed with lead container. Always remember to wash dish and hand with soap before eating, and keep a heatlthy living habit. Meanwhile, people should reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation:vitiligo could attack in any season in a year,but more in late spring to summer,and most patients experience long-time blazing sun before morbidity. So patients should pay much attention on it.


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