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5 Common Senses In Vitiligo Treatment

vitiligo treatment1.What causes vitiligo?

The pathogenesis of vitiligo still remain unclear at present. In recent years, according to the research, the scientists found vitiligo related with the factors in below: genetic factor, autoimmunity, nerve and neurochemistry, melanocyte destruction, shortage of trace elements, external injuries, over exposure to the sunlight and take some light sensitive drugs all these can induce vitiligo.

There have records in a book called 52 Bing Fang warring states period in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine holds that the external factors of vitiligo is the evil wind intrude or external injuries, the internal factors of vitiligo is the seven emotions discomfort, which damage the essence and blood, the blood stasis block in meridians cause the skin and fur lose the nutrition and finally cause the vitiligo.

2. Does vitiligo development have rule to follow?

The common sites of vitiligo lesion often in sun irradiation areas and friction areas. The skin lesion often distribute symmetrically. It often appear in the back of fingers, wrists, forearms, face, neck and around sexual organs. The female vitiligo often got vitiligo around their vulva. The young women are the one of the susceptible populations. The vitiligo easy to expand after scratches or external injuries. The acra vitiligo easy to expand to the face, mouth, eyes, nose, and ears.

3. Does vitiligo patients can buy some creams or ointments to treat their vitiligo?

This treatment absolutely unwise. Vitiligo is a multifactorial disease, the causes is different for different vitiligo patients. There are no single treatment apply to every vitiligo patients, needs according to the causes of every vitiligo patients. Second is the wrong treatment might cause their vitiligo expand and worsen their vitiligo, which brought some troubles to their later treatment. If vitiligo this stubborn skin disease well recognized by the world cured by the patient’s themselves, there have no need for the doctor exist. Does it make any sense? You’d better find a specialist vitiligo hospital to treat your vitiligo if you don’t want to waste your money.

4. The common treatments for vitiligo.

steroid pills、Tacrolimus(Protopic)、UVB、EX-308、surgery and other treatments are the most common treatments for vitiligo at present. But even though, many patients didn’t get any treatment effects they are satisfied.

5. Vitiligo patients must go to the hospital to receive the treatments?

Yes, vitiligo need scientific diagnosis and treatment, need go to the specialist vitiligo hospital to receive the treatment.

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