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Attentions For Vitiligo Treatment

attentions for vitiligo treatmentVitiligo also called leucoderma, it caused by the melanocyte function disorder in the skin. The vitiligo have no gender and age difference. Before the onset of vitiligo, the patients will feel itch. There are several steps of vitiligo treatment.

At present, in clinic, there are several treatments for vitiligo. They are medication treatment, surgery treatment, depigmentation treatment and physical treatment. These treatments can not distinguish the which one is better than others. It need choose according to the vitiligo symptoms of different patients and their physical condition. Generally speaking, when the medication treatment can not get the obvious treatment effects, the doctor will consider the surgery to treat vitiligo. There are four steps in the vitiligo treatment process vitiligo patients should pay special attention to.

One is take a systemic tests.

Take the systemic tests can find out the causes of their vitiligo and treat their vitiligo according to their causes. It can decrease their vitiligo recurrent rate. If the patients with family history of vitiligo, they need tell their doctor timely.

Second is increase their psychological defense mechanism and keep a good mental state. There are research indicates that the mental state of vitiligo patients directly related with their vitiligo condition. Even their are research shows that the bad mental state or depression have great inhibit function to the melanocyte metabolism. That means the bad emotion can worsen their vitiligo condition.

Close contact with sun also good for their vitiligo. The sunlight have great effects for the melanin generate. For vitiligo patients, properly irradiate the sunlight can help to increase their melanocyte function.

There are another point for vitiligo patients is enhance the physical exercise to increase their immunity function. There are some complications of vitiligo such as pernicious anemia, diabetes, malignant tumor and etc. The body function destroyed, the epidermis of the skin damaged all related with the autoimmunity of the body. So if the vitiligo patients want to get better treatment effects, they should enhance their physical exercise to increase their immunity.

The last but not least is pay attention to the diet. Good diet combine with the good treatment can help the vitiligo patients get rid of their vitiligo finally.


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