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Treatments For Vitiligo In 2017

treatments for vitiligo in 2017There are many people in our life suffered from vitiligo, it not only spend their a lot of money, it also damaged their health both physical and mental. So it is important for vitiligo patients to choose the proper treatment for their vitiligo. I’d like to introduce the treatments for vitiligo in 2017, wish it can help you better.

1. Medication treatment.

The medication treatment divided into the systemic administration and topical administration.

Systemic administration is quite common in clinic. Because vitiligo not only simply a problem in the vitiligo lesion, it also related with the autoimmunity and nerve system of our body. So the systemic administration have better treatment effects.

Topical administration is apply some medicine in the vitiligo sites.

But any medicine vitiligo patients use should under the professional doctor’s instruction. Many vitiligo patient’s blindly use the medicine and finally cause their vitiligo expand.

2. Adjust the mental state.

The mental pressure of vitiligo patients often much heavier than other people. There are many vitiligo patients suffered from the discrimination from others. The vitiligo is a stubborn chronic skin disease, it’s often need longer treatment course to get treatment effects. So many vitiligo patients easy to lose heart and have negative emotions. Vitiligo patients receive the systemic treatment and also need to handle their mental state. If the doctor and combine the mental therapy and the clinical treatment together, that will be better.

3. Surgery treatment.

Surgery treatment is a common treatment for vitiligo. It’s divided into autologus epidermis grafting surgery and the melanin planting surgery. It’s advantages for the vitiligo patients in the stable stage is very obvious, the vitiligo patients in the stable stage can get quicker treatment effects. But the surgery should use carefully or it will worsen their vitiligo.

These three treatments needs apply according to the individual difference.


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