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Common Acupuncture Treatment Method Of Vitiligo

Common Acupuncture Treatment Method Of VitiligoVitiligo is a skin disease which manifested by the progressive development of cutaneous depigmentations in the shape of patches or spots. Vitiligo may occur at any age and it has a different evolution: in some people depigmentations may stop for years. Vitiligo is not a contagious disease and it cannot be transmitted by physical touch.

When it comes to the acupuncture treatment,People rarely know about it, actually acupuncture is a autoepidermal graftion treatment of vitiligo, however the acupuncture treatment is not operation, and the effect is pretty obvious after treatment,and there is no relapse after acupuncture treatment , so common acupuncture treatment of vitiligo methods and means what? The following are some specific introductions about acupuncture treatment, patients can figure out through the acupuncture treatment of vitiligo .

Vitiligo is treated by acupuncture, The treatment consists of several stages which vary as duration, it depends on the patient’s response to treatment. Firstly, the liver functions and the balance of the neuroendocrine system must be restored. Meanwhile, the ischemic brain areas are reactivated; the connections between them and the depigmented skin patches are recovered by restoring the normal functions of the nerve endings.

Acupuncture treatment. The method of the vitiligo

(1) needle therapy rash area; after disinfection using conventional, from inside extroversion, with concentric way, light and knock at the thorn, without bleeding or a little bleeding for degrees, 1 or 2 times a day.

(2)Dimension of lung, pillow, earpins method endocrine, adrenal, skin rash, corresponding area; each choose 2 ~ 3 point, after needle thorn buried, alternating 1or 2 times a week, using as rotation.

(3) thorn cutem collaterals using the three edges of the needle on skin rash, a plum flower form center thorn, then pulling a week to stalk cupping, 1 ~ 2 times. Apply to blood stasis syndrome.

To sum up, Through the introduction of the above content, acupuncture treatment method of vitiligo should be applied wildly, it works effectively, the development vitiligo reasons are still unknown, so choose acupuncture in the method of autoepidermal graftion.for more details, you need to consult the doctors.


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