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Ultraviolet Light Therapy For Vitiligo

Ultraviolet Light Therapy For VitiligoAs we all known, there are many kinds of treatment for vitiligo, but when it comes to the best and most advanced therapy for vitiligo, it must be the Ultraviolet light therapy . ultraviolet phototherapy is a kind of treatment for some skin disorders which including vitiligo and atopic skin disorder when used with psoralen in order to form into the PUVA treatment. It consists of irradiation of the patient with the UVA band of ultraviolet light , specially designed to output this frequency of ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet light therapy is kind of complicated therapy,the treatment is somehow similar to the good solariums but differs from the mainly UVB ultraviolet band used to treat psoriasis.

The principle of Ultraviolet light therapy is based on the typical treatment regimens which involve short exposure to UVB rays 3 to 5 times a week , and repeated circulation may be required before results are noticeable. Almost all of the conditions that respond to UVB light are chronic problems, so patients have to accept the continuous check if they want get ride of this chronic problems . Moreover,Home UVB systems are the common solutions for those who have strong respond to the treatment.

As we all known, any kind of treatment have kind of side-effects. When it comes to the side-effects of Ultraviolet light therapy , it may include itching and redness of the skin due to UVB exposure, and possibly sunburn, if patients do not minimize exposure to natural UV rays during treatment days. It may also increase the develop of Cataracts if the eyes are not protected properly from UVB light exposure, there is no any relation between an increase risk of skin cancer and the proper use of narrow-band UVB phototherapy. "Proper use" definitely is defined as reaching the "Sub-Erythemic Dose" that means the maximum amount of UVB that your skin can receive without burning. In addition, in some cases.some fungal growths under the toenail can be treated using a specific wavelength of UV delivered from a high-power LED (light-emitting diode) and can be safer than traditional drugs. So the UVB phototherapy is a safe, scientific , advanced light therapy for vitiligo.


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