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4 Heath Cares For Vitiligo In Spring

4 health cares for vitiligo in springVitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease, it’s very stubborn, the treatment course for vitiligo is longer than other skin diseases. The high seasons for vitiligo onset and expand are in spring and summer. There are some 4 health cares for vitiligo in spring in the following part and wish it have some help to you.

1. Prevent the diseases.

Vitiligo patients should enhance their immunity ability to increase their resistance to the diseases in spring. Spring is also the high season for some diseases such as cold, pharyngitis and other chronic diseases. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to keep warm and prevent the cold in spring. Vitiligo patients should keep the window open often for the ventilation to avoid the bacterium generated and prevent the stimulation of temperature difference during the day time and night time for their skin. All these stimulus can damage their skin and worsen their vitiligo.

2. Avoid external injuries.

Vitiligo patients should pay special attention to take care of their skin in spring. They should apply some sunscreen cream when they go out and avoid the isomorphic reaction for their vitiligo and influence their health.

3. Drink more water.

The weather in spring is quite dry, the skin easy have the itch feelings and cause you want to scratch and cause the external injuries because of lack of water in the skin. That easy cause the vitiligo expand. So vitiligo patients should drink more water in the spring. Drink more water not only can moisturize their skin, it also good for the motion of their urine and discharge the poisons in their body. These all can promote their micro circulation.

4. Much sweating.

Vitiligo patients should sweat more in spring by enhance physical exercise. It can promote the heat generation and adjust their metabolism function which can increase their body temperature adjust function and increase their body immunity, all these can avoid the cold and other diseases cause their vitiligo expand. But the ways of exercise they adopt should according to their physical condition and age. Jogging and yoga are good exercises for vitiligo patients.


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