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What’s To Be Done After Got Vitiligo

what's to be done after got vitiligoVitiligo is a stubborn chronic skin disease need long term to treat for most of the patients. Some vitiligo patients will feel uneasy. In that time, vitiligo patients needs to take positive measures to help them prevent and treat vitiligo. In the following part, I’d like to talk about what’s to be done after got vitiligo.

Both treatments and diet are important for vitiligo patients. Let’s listen to the vitiligo specialist from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital talk about the scientific treatments for vitiligo patients.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovate the UM-D Multidimensional treatments for vitiligo.

What is multidimensional treatment for vitiligo? Our hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale medical instruments, internal and external use medicines, injections, transfusion, silicon light, carbon light, narrow band UVB, laser, patent Chinese medicines, Chinese medicine bath, fumigation, western medicines and so on to treat vitiligo. We not only treat the symptom of vitiligo but treat the causes.

There are four steps in our hospital to treat vitiligo, first is to comprehensively diagnose the causes of vitiligo to find out the true causes of vitiligo.

The second step is to stop the the development of vitiligo.

The third step is to restore the color of the vitiligo.

The four step is to do consolidation treatment to prevent it relapse, only these four steps combine together, can we call it a relatively perfect vitiligo treatment plan.

Diet attentions for vitiligo patients.

Fruits: vitiligo patients can eat any fruits like bananas, watermelons, pears. Other fruits rich in vitamin C should avoid eat too much.

Vegetables: the cooked vegetables will not contain much vitamin C, you can eat as much as you like.

Seasonings and spices: green onions, gingers, garlic, peppers, soy sauce, vinegar these sauces vitiligo patients all can eat.

Seafood: the seafood and foods mixed with the seafood include kelp, nori, marine fishes, marine shrimps and other seafood all can cause the immune system disorder, so these foods vitiligo patients should avoid eat. The fresh water fishes and shrimps vitiligo patients can eat.

Wines and beverages: avoid drinking wines and beverages rich in vitamin C.

Except the good treatment and diet attentions for them, vitiligo patients also should have good mental state, avoid over exposure to the intense sunlight for long time, avoid living in the damp environment for long term, avoid external injuries and infections. That will better for vitiligo patient’s vitiligo condition. So vitiligo patients after got vitiligo need search for good treatment, have good diet and pay attention to the health cares.


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