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Why Security Check Is Necessary For Vitiligo Treatment

why security check is necessary for vitiligo treatmentSecurity check often used in public places with many people gathering, but I believe many people did not heard about the security check used in the disease treatment process, especially used in vitiligo treatment process. The security check is necessary for the patients in airport and train station, but if you see in hospital, some people think it is quite unnecessary. But in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, the security check is used in the vitiligo treatment areas. Now, let’s listen to the explanation of doctors in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital.

Security check indeed have no much help to the pure medicine treatment, but for some special treatments, it’s quite important. There are some large scale medical instruments in vitiligo treatment process plays an very important role such as full cabin phototherapy, the polarization potential energy, light guide, laser, electronic acupuncture, fumigation treatment equipment and etc. Security check is very important for these machines. Although sometimes the doctor will instruct the vitiligo patients during their vitiligo treatment process, but sometimes might have something neglect, even there are some patients with the fluke mind and finally cause the tragedy. Why it is necessary for the vitiligo patients to receive the security check before they receive the treatment.

1. If the patients take some metal products along with them when enter into the treatment area, their metal products can absorb the micro waves of the treatment equipment and reflect relevant rays and disturb the signals of some related equipment, it not only can damage the metal products they took, it also will influence the treatment equipment.

2. Second, some patients with metal products insert in their body such as heart metal valve, steel plate, prosthesis and etc. If these patients use the large scale medical machines, it will exist certain risk for them to receive the treatment with these machines.

3. There are some treatment equipment might damage some electronic products such as cellphones, watches and etc and cause the economic loses.

4. The security check at the meantime increase a security for the safety of the patients.

So it is necessary for vitiligo patients to receive security check before their treatment.

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