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Chinese Herbs Medicine For Vitiligo

Chinese herbs medicine for vitiligoMany vitiligo patients trust the Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo. Chinese medicine is the traditional Chinese medicine in our country, it have many unique advantages and can achieve quite good treatment effects. What about the treatments for Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like to explain it in detail.

Chinese medicine holds that the kidney restore the essence, the essence can exchange into the blood. If the essence in the kidney is not enough, the essence can not exchange into blood, the skin will malnutrition and the skin will have white patches distribute in the skin. This kind of vitiligo present in pure white. Chinese herbs can help to supply the kidney and treat vitiligo.

According to the long term clinical observation, part of the vitiligo related with the deficiency of spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine holds that the spleen and stomach can digest the water and food, the spleen and stomach are the important organs to generate the qi and blood. If their spleen and stomach weak, the qi and blood lost it’s source to generate the qi and blood. If the skin lost the nutrition of qi and blood, it will become white. So Chinese herbs can strengthen their spleen and enrich the blood to treat vitiligo can have quite good treatment effects.

Chinese medicine holds that our emotions are domineered by the liver, if the liver qi stagnation, it will disturb their qi and blood circulation and cause their qi and blood disorder and finally cause vitiligo. This kind of vitiligo often stimulate by the emotions. This type of vitiligo easy to appear in their chest and limbs. Chinese herbs can help soothing the liver to treat their vitiligo vitiligo.

The meridian get through the blood and qi, the qi and blood can nourish their skin, if their blood stagnated in their meridian, their qi and blood circulation will obstructed and their skin will have vitiligo appeared. This kind of vitiligo often distribute around the areas with the nerves dominated. So this kind of vitiligo should adopt the Chinese herbs to promote the blood circulation to treat.

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