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New Treatments For Vitiligo In 2017

new treatments for vitiligo in 2017Vitiligo is a common skin disease, some researches about this disease have achieved a lot in clinic especially those treatments for vitiligo already begin to apply to help relieve the patient’s sufferings. For vitiligo patients, the best way for them to treat their vitiligo as soon as possible is to receive the systemic treatments for their vitiligo and prevent their vitiligo delay. There are some treatments for vitiligo in 2017, I will explain it in detail for your reference.

1. Systemic medication treatment.

Systemic medication is quite common in clinic. Vitiligo is not only the symptoms on the skin of patients, vitiligo related with their body immunity function and their nerve system, so apply the medicine to whole body will achieve better treatment effects. There are some medicines used to treat vitiligo in clinic are immunity regulator, BCG vaccine and hormones. These medicines can help to adjust the whole body of the patients and brought better treatment effects.

2. Topical medication treatment.

Topical medication treatment is apply some external use medicines directly in the sites of vitiligo. Most of the medicine used to treat vitiligo in clinic is psoralen and some hormones. These medicines many concentrated in the common sites of vitiligo, it can achieve better treatment effects. In recently years, the numbers and species of external use medicines for vitiligo are increasing.

3. Epidermal skin grafting surgery.

Epidermal skin grafting surgery is a clinical treatment quite popular in recent years. It mainly function is replace the skin in the vitiligo sites with normal skin and increase the number of damaged melanocyte in largely. This treatment need first choose the donor site, the process is quite complex but it’s treatment effects are recognized in the clinic.

Except the treatments, vitiligo patients also should keep a good mental state and pay enough attention to their daily health cares and diets. If you have any question about new vitiligo treatment in 2017, welcome mail to


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