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3 Common Treatments For Vitiligo

3 common symptoms of vitiligoVitiligo onset rate is increasing year after year, many scientific research projects do some studies for it and hope to find the better treatments for vitiligo patients. The most common treatment for vitiligo at present is medication treatment. There are many other treatments for vitiligo at present.

1. Ultraviolet ray irradiation treatment.

There are a lot of ultraviolet ray in the sunlight. The ultraviolet ray in the sunlight can increase the pigment cell photo allergy reaction and promote the pigment cell produce more melanin, it is a traditional treatment. At present, there still have some books introduce the use of ultraviolet ray. According to the clinic observation, this treatment have not much treatment effects to vitiligo patients.

There are two reasons for this:

(1). Over dosage of ultraviolet ray can damage our health.

(2). The vitiligo patient’s resistance ability to the ultraviolet ray is decreased.

We think vitiligo patients should avoid or decrease the ultraviolet ray irradiation. The normal people will receive certain ultraviolet ray irradiation from the sunlight every day more or less, but it have no damage to the normal skin. That is because our body have complete protection mechanism. Among these, the pigment cells secrete the melanin to assist the ultraviolet ray irradiation, protect our body free from the damage of the ultraviolet ray. When the irradiation time increase, the pigment cell present in compensatory physiological response, according to the sunlight intensity and sunlight time increase, the melanin produce amount also will increase, the skin will become darker to resist or decrease the irradiation of the ultraviolet ray to their body and protect their body organism avoid from damage. But the patients with vitiligo is totally different from the normal people. Some pigment cells in the body surface in the state of damage in different degrees. It’s function might decrease or even loss, it’s protect function to the body also will destroyed.

2. Adjust immune function.

According to the medical research and clinic observation, we found vitiligo onset and development all related with the immune function disorder. But some patients use the immunomodulator to treat their vitiligo and have no obvious treatment effects.

Immune function disorder is a very complex physiological and pathological process that includes the immunity deficiency, immunity function disorder, or immune response too strong all can induce some diseases occur. Which immune factor related with vitiligo still remain unclear. Generally speaking, the orally intake steroid hormone have certain treatment effects to vitiligo, but it’s side effects are quite large if long term use it. After stop take the medicine, it’s quite easy to relapse and accelerate the vitiligo expand.

3. Supply the trace elements.

There are some researchers holds that the trace elements lack or disproportion are the main cause of vitiligo onset. Our physiological activity needs many trace elements participation, which element lack or disproportion related with vitiligo is still remain unclear at present. So the trace elements supplement can not achieve good treatment effects. But according to the research, the children with diet bias have higher vitiligo onset rate and compare with other children with the same vitiligo condition, their vitiligo treatment effect is poorer than other vitiligo children’ s treatment effect. So this means that lack of nutrition related with the vitiligo onset. If you have any question about the common treatments for vitiligo, welcome add my whatsapp 008613041204346.


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