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Common Therapies For Facial Vitiligo Patient

common therapies for facial vitiligo patientsFacial vitiligo is the patient with vitiligo on their face. This kind of vitiligo can occur in many parts of the world.

The most common areas are in tropical areas, subtropical areas. Facial vitiligo closely related with the areas and climates. So what about the common therapies for facial vitiligo patients? Let’s listen to the vitiligo specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital talking about the common therapies for facial vitiligo patients.

What is facial vitiligo?

The symptoms of facial vitiligo is there are white spots on the patient’s face. The number of skin lesion in the face can single shot or multiple shot. The white spots on the face can merged together and formed into large patches. The size of vitiligo is different, the shape is irregular. The hair on vitiligo sites can changed into white color.

There are several common treatments for facial vitiligo patients.

1. Medication treatment.

Facial vitiligo is a primary depigmentation skin disease. Many vitiligo patients will choose the medicines to treat their vitiligo. It is better to combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat their vitiligo. Vitiligo patients should avoid using large dosage of hormones and immunosuppressor to treat their vitiligo. Any medicine they take should under the doctor’s instruction.

2. Psychological therapy.

The pressures facial vitiligo patients suffered are bigger than the normal people. There are some of the people in the society will discriminate the patients with vitiligo on face. The treatment courses of facial vitiligo patients is much longer than other disease. So vitiligo patients should receive certain mental consultation to help them set up the confidence to face the disease. The stable mind state can help their vitiligo recovery.

3. Surgery for facial vitiligo patients.

Surgery is a common treatment for vitiligo. It divided into autologous epidermal grafting surgery and melanin planting surgery. The advantages of surgery for facial vitiligo in the stable stage are the patients can get quicker treatment effects, their vitiligo can be controlled earlier. The surgery mainly apply for the facial vitiligo patients in the stable stage. The surgery should carefully took or it will worse their vitiligo condition.

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