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Which Factors Induce Vitiligo Hard To Treat

Many people don’t have much knowledge about vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease caused by many factors. There are many treatments in the market for vitiligo with the number of vitiligo patients increasing in these years. Does vitiligo can be cured? Which factors induce vitiligo hard to treat? This is a well concerned question among vitiligo patients.

which factors induce vitiligo hard to treat

Which factors induce vitiligo hard to treat? First is traditional treatments can not both treat the symptoms and causes. The traditional treatment did not grasp the source and apoptosis of the melanin this core questions. The traditional treatment for vitiligo did not treat the vitiligo from the it’s causes, so it can not completely cure the vitiligo.

Second, many vitiligo patients did not use the scientific treatment for their vitiligo. They choose the treatments did not strictly tested and differentiated the type of the vitiligo. Most of the medicines used to treat vitiligo are external use medicines or hormones prescribed in local small clinics, some even are home remedies, folk remedies. These medicines although have quicker treatment effects but once stop using these medicines, their vitiligo easy to relapse and even worsen. Vitiligo patients want to get quicker treatment effects to take a large amount of western medicines, it adverse to the people’s health.

Some vitiligo patients did not give enough attention to their vitiligo and delay the best treatment time for their vitiligo and finally cause their vitiligo worsen. Some vitiligo patients stop the treatment after their vitiligo get some treatment effects and did not take the consolidation treatment which cause their vitiligo recurrent. These vicious circle not only not good for their vitiligo, but also cause the mental and economical pressure for vitiligo patients.


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